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I hope you’re all enjoying a terrific Thanksgiving weekend, whatever it is that you may be doing today. I’m thankful for many, many things but one of those things is the fact that there are so many terrific crochet blogs out there that provide me with information and inspiration. Here were some of my top posts from around the crochet web this week:

  • Happy Feet Yarn Review. @anastaciaknits likes this yarn, which I also gave a positieve recensie.
  • Ryan Motorcycle Crochet Jacket. @crochetbyfaye has posted this new boyscrochet jacket pattern for sale and I’m just loving how stylish and professional it looks!
  • Crochet Owls Under the Christmas Tree. I love the colorful owls that The Garden Bell has turned into a cool Seasons Greetings card.
  • French Crochet Style. @StitchStory shares her love of crochet from other countries.
  • New Crochet Pattern Blog. Gemakkelijk maakt Me gelukkig (a blog I adore) has created a new blog that serves as a directory of her favorite crochet patterns, zowel gratis en betaalde.
  • Slip Stitch haak. Yarn Dharma is starting to learn slip stitch crochet and is sharing her experience with us. This was most likely the first type of crochet used historically and it seems to be making a comeback right now. @KeriKinnic
  • Craft Show SetUp. @donnasdecembers shared some of the different ways she sets up at craft shows where she sells her crochet jewelry and accessories. I always think this is helpful to see!
  • How Much Are You Worth? @aberrantcrochet had a great post on the always-timely topic of how to charge for your crafting.
  • Unveiling CLF 3.0. @crochetlibfront is about to launch a great new membership opportunity for people interested in professional crochet development. I can’t describe it nearly as well as she does so check it out and follow the links in her post to learn more.
Also thanks to The Steady Hand for allowing me to guest post about 5 Great Groups to Give Crochet Donations. And thanks to Marie and Underground Crafter for linking to me in the terrific post of ideas for a handmade holiday!

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  1. AW! Bedankt voor de link liefde Kathryn! Glad you liked the article! ::crochet hugs::

  2. Thank you muchly, Lieve!

  3. Thank you muchly, Lieve!

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