I hope everyone had a terrific long Thanksgiving weekend. Can you believe December is almost here? It’s going to be a busy month at Crochet Concupiscence with some special daily features. Lees verder …

Herinnering: Stem voor uw Fave Crafty Blog

Just a quick reminder that voting ends soon for the Binnen haak 2011 Favourite Crafty Blog. Crochet Concupiscence is a nominee and would love your vote!

December: 31 Dagen van Giveaways

Een van de bijzondere kenmerken van December op de blog is dat elke dag in December een giveaway dag is! Dit is mijn vakantie cadeau aan mijn prachtige lezers. Elke dag giveaway gaat lopen voor een volledige dag, van net na middernacht tot net voor middernacht. Ik zal aankondigen de winnaars dagelijks op Twitter en Google Plus and will do a weekly winner roundup on the blog. Ik zal verschepen zodra per tot het einde van de maand. Giveaway items omvatten haak boeken, garen, handmade items and more so check in every day to see what you can win!

December Crochet Blog Awards

The other new special feature just for this month is a daily crochet blog award that I’ll be giving out each afternoon. This is a way for me to honor and recognize all of the terrific crochet bloggers out there for the specific things that they do best. The award is just a blog award, a button that can be placed on the blog, but hopefully it’ll be something that the bloggers can be proud of. And it may help you find new crochet blogs to love.

Crochet Job Board is Coming

Would you like to have a place where you can go to look for crochet and yarn related jobs? Would you like to be able to post when you’re interested in hiring someone as a pattern tester, reviewer or contract crocheter? The new Crochet Concupiscence job board will be that place. Right now it’s just getting started and it’s pulling in filler jobs from around the web but coming soon it’ll be a place where the crochet community can share job postings.

So that’s a sneak peak of what’s coming on Crochet Concupiscence!



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  1. Keri 500miles2nowhere Antwoord

    You are adorable. And you have some very exciting things coming up! Hope you are feeling 100% vandaag.

  2. Marie/Underground Crafter Antwoord

    Wow! I love the idea of a crochet job board. And daily giveaways. And blog awards!

    • Kathryn Antwoord

      Dank @Marie … I’m already looking forward to my December giveaways and blog awards. And I’m definitely excited about developing the job board which should launch in full form at the beginning of the year.

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