Sprightly 101-Year-Old Enjoys Crocheting

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You know meI’m a sucker for these stories about older people who are still active and who love their crochet. The Penarth Times just had such a storyabout a 101-year-old woman named Clarice Hepworth who continues to enjoy both crochet and knitting.

Clarice lives in Ty Dewi Sant, a small UK care home where about three dozen residents live in single rooms designed to keep them socially active and obtaining the assistance that they need but also keeping them as independent as possible in their old age.

My favorite part of this particular article is the fact that Clarice is described as sprightly. I hope that if I live to 101 that’s a word that’s used to describe me! She stays active with regular walks and then enjoys crochet and knitting when she is not out and about.

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