25 Manieren geld besparen op haak

Haak is a terrific craft. It doesn’t require a lot of tools to get started with crochet. And it can be a really affordable craft. Echter, it’s easy to go overboard and spend a lot of money on crochet if you’re not careful. (My stash of pricey indie dyed yarn is proof of that!) So here are some tips for saving money on yarn, crochet hooks and your love of crochet.

  1. Check thrift stores and yard sales for crochet supplies. My thrift stores rarely have yarn or crochet supplies. They do sometimes have crochet items, echter, that I can take apart and repurpose the yarn from. And we have a great artist’s thrift store here that has yarn, crochet thread and other supplies.
  2. Check your gauge. This helps with making sure that you get the right amount of yarn for a project. Getting the right amount saves you money. You get only what you need but you do get what you need so you aren’t spending extra later on to get the right dye lot of yarn shipped to you to finish up a project.
  3. Crochet items that you’ll actually wear and use. This saves you money on your fashions and home décor purchases!
  4. Crochet with cheap non-traditional items. Use clothing scraps to make rag rugs. Use plarn to make crochet bags. Get creative.
  5. Don’t buy more yarn than you need for a project. If you are the type of crocheter who picks a project before picking out your yarn (Ik geef toe, Ben ik niet) then you should figure out exactly how much yarn you’ll need and don’t buy extra.
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask others to pay for the yarn if they ask you to crochet something for them. Many people enjoy crocheting for others and are happy to make blankets, baby items and other things when people ask them to do so. That’s wonderful. In mijn advies, you should get paid for your time and talent but not everyone is comfortable with that. You should, echter, at least ask for the person to purchase the yarn for the project that they’ve requested. That’s a totally reasonable thing to ask!
  7. Go for cheap yarn when it’s appropriate to a project. Making dishcloths? Cheap cotton yarn makes more sense than a luxury yarn.
  8. Go on Listia to get crochet items for free. Leer meer hier.
  9. Go yarn shopping and get other crochet supplies in foreign countries when the exchange rate is in your favor. I did this in the yarn district of Buenos Aires.

10. Have a local crochet supply swap. Put the word out amongst all of the crocheters that you know and get together for a swap. Everyone brings the crochet hooks, yarn and supplies that they no longer want and they trade for new things. You could also do this online although you’ll have to factor in the cost of shipping items to one another.

11. Limit the cost of embellishments. One area where I find that crochet items can get pricey is in adding embellishments. Ribbons and buttons are great additions to crochet items but you should be careful about your spending when it comes to these things.

12. Look for crochet giveaways online. Veel Haak blogs host giveaways for yarn, crochet books and other crochet items. It costs nothing to enter and you can get free stuff.

13. Look for sales but be smart about your buying. Sales are great because you get yarn, crochet hooks and other items at a discount. Echter, if you’re buying more than you need just because it’s on sale then you aren’t saving money. Be smart about sale shopping!

14. Make some money from crocheting. Sell the items that you make at craft fairs or on Etsy to offset the cost of your crochet habit!

15. Make your own stitch markers. One of the supplies that you will probably want if you are crocheting is a set of stitch markers. There are some great stitch markers available for sale but you can also make your own using simple cheap supplies like paper clips.

16. Shop around, set a budget and never buy impulsively. These are common sense money-saving techniques that should apply to your crochet habit.

17. Swap crochet books online. You can use sites like Paperback Swaps to trade crochet books with other people when you are done using the ones in your personal library.

18. Try sites like Craigslist and Freecycle. You can find free or cheap crochet supplies and yarn on these sites at times.

19. Try supplies before investing in them. It can be tempting to try many different types of crochet hooks and stitch markers and other crochet supplies. Whenever possible, try before you buy. If you are part of a crochet group then you can often try items that other crocheters are using to help you decide what you really want.

20. Try a yarn diet. Many people who have huge stashes of yarn find that they need to put themselves on a yarn diet to save money. This means that you don’t buy yarn for a specific period of time, working instead from your stash.

21. Use coupons when buying crochet supplies. Get everything at a discount each time that you go shopping for crochet supplies and your annual craft spending should go down significantly.

22. Use expensive yarn only for small projects. Save your expensive yarn for one-skein projects and little things rather than buying a lot of expensive yarn for big projects.

23. Use free crochet patterns. There are a lot of great costly crochet patterns online and in crochet magazines. However there are also a lot of great crochet patterns available for free. Use your free options first, including free online crochet patterns and crochet books from the library. And try designing your own crochet patterns!

24. Use your credit card rewards when buying crochet items. Bijvoorbeeld, I used my points when I wanted to get Haak tijdschrift subscriptions. The points paid for the subscriptions plus I got cash back for the purchase with that particular card. Natuurlijk, you have to pay off your balance in full each month for this to be a money-saver.

25. Use your crochet skills to barter for other things. Crochet is a skill that you can teach to others and your crocheted items are crafts that have some value. Barter these things to get other things that you might need. Bijvoorbeeld, you might barter a crochet lesson for vegetables from your neighbors’ garden, reducing your own grocery costs.

How do you save money on crochet?

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5 Opmerkingen:

  1. Suggesting that crocheters should use free patterns to save money really harms the crochet community. Designers can only produce quality patterns if people are willing to pay for them. Good patterns take hours and hours to produce. Hel, even free patterns take hours and hours to produce. Designers deserve to be compensated for their time. Plenty of designers release free patterns, and that’s awesome, and the crochet community is better off for it. IK”m not against free patterns, or crocheters utilizing them. Echter, we need to encourage crocheters to purchase patterns that pique their interest. It doesn’t make sense to buy a pattern for a basic hatit’s been done countless times: there are plenty of free patterns and tutorials and how-tos. But a hat with complex stitch patterns or interesting shapingsomething truly unique and innovativedeserves our money.

    tl;dr: free patterns are great, but we need to encourage, not discourage, crocheters to be willing to pay for the designerstime in writing and developing unique designs and patterns, or else they won’t be able to afford to continue innovating and furthering crochet.

    • @RobynThanks for making this great point. I definitely agree that crochet designers deserve to be compensated for their time and efforts. I also think it’s great to use your money to support indie yarn dyers and sellers and small yarn stores, both of which I do myself rather than choosing big box stores for yarn. But I still do think that if you need to find ways to cut back on your crochet costs then exploring free crochet patterns and designing your own patterns is a great option.

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