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2a67 Eek! Gross! Crazy Crochet Hook Injuries

I am writing a book about the health benefits of crochet. (Have a related story to share? Email me on gmail at kathryn.vercillo!) Hierdoor, I do daily research into all of the wonderful ways in which crochet can help and heal us. Echter, there’s an opposite end to that spectrumsometimes crochet can hurt us! I was surprised to find out recently (thanks to posts on Haak Spot and Craft Gossip) that there’s actually a medical code that is used by health professionals to note when an injury has been caused by crocheting.

Code Y93D1

That’s the medical code that you’re going to have on your paperwork if you receive medical care due to injuries sustained from crocheting or knitting. CraftGossip has a good post about what exactly this medical code is all about. I was surprised to learn that there’s a specific code for these needlework injuries as well as for all types of other weird injuries!

Crazy Crochet Injuries

Not sure quite what harm your crochet hook can do to you? Here are some crazy crochet injuries that I know about:

  • Child’s Death from Puncture of the Brain by Crochet Hook. A google search turned up The Lancet on Google Books and that has an 1876 news report in it about a two and a half year old who somehow got a crochet hook lodged into her head. It was pulled out and there was no bleeding but she subsequently died from the hook penetrating the brain. This one sounds crazy. It seems like it would take an awful lot of force to get a crochet hook through the skull! Echter, crochet hooks are also mentioned in a study about brain-penetrating wounds. Yuck.
  • Child Falls on Crochet Hook and It Pierces Heart. The four year old girl needed to have surgery to repair her heart damage after the injury. Scary!
  • Emergency Room Visit for Crochet Hook Inside Urethra. This has actually happened to both men en vrouwen!
  • Woman Gets Shot Because of Crochet Hook. The police thought it was an ice pick and fatally shot her in their own defense.
  • Overvallen vrouw voor haar Haak Bag. Natuurlijk is de tiener eigenlijk dacht dat er waarschijnlijk iets anders binnen, maar nope, juist gehaakte. De vrouw had een paar schrammen en blauwe plekken als gevolg van de ontmoeting.

Putting a Crochet Hook Through Your Thumb

Waarschuwing: This video about an injury from a crochet hook going through the thumb has some graphic images and adult language

More Common Crochet Injuries

Natuurlijk, these crazy crochet injuries aren’t very common. Some of the things that are more likely to happen to you because of crocheting include:

  • Hand and Wrist Pain. This is common although it can sometimes get serious. Tina Dean Designs, who does great crochet plarn work, had this type of crochet injury confirmed by a doctor.
  • Finger Pain. I’ve seen several crochet bloggers post over the past year that they had a finger injury due to crocheting too fast or accidentally jamming their finger somehow while working. Au.
  • Bruising. I’ve gotten bruises on my hands before when improperly holding my crochet work. I have no idea if this is common or not.
  • Paper Cuts. I’ve also gotten what are basically paper cuts when not being careful while crocheting with wire thread and thin thread. Weer, I don’t know if this is common, but it’s happened to me!
  • Carpal Tunnel. There is some possibility of creating long term strain and getting carpal tunnel from frequent repetitive actions like crochet. However this is preventable and treatable. Use the right crochet hooks, take breaks when crocheting and pay attention to what your body is telling you!

Has crochet ever hurt you? Was it worth it?!

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I have been diagnosed with De Quervain's tendonitis {a painful inflammation of the tendons that control the movement of the thumb} due to crocheting without taking frequent breaks. I can't stress enough the importance of taking frequent breaks coupled with hand/wrist exercises. Ergonomic crochet hooks can also ease the stress on your hands.


You might also want to Google "Crochet Hook in Lung" en "Crochet hook through both orbits" ;)


especially the hook inside the...bodily orifice! BAH!


I have actually had a steel crochet hook stuck in my finger to the bone. Still haven't figured out I did it!


of course I've got a story about this one! How funny that they have an actual code from the ER!


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