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Een andere maand is gekomen en gegaan. Let’s take a look back at what was featured here on the blog in the month of May. I would love to know which posts you liked the most, which you didn’t care for and what you’d like to see more of in the months to come!

Fave Post:

My favorite post for May was Niet beschuldigen Olek voor Yarnbombing. It drew some interesting conversation about yarnbombing as art vs. ambachtelijke.

Haak kunstenaars

I love sharing information about the crochet artists I am researching. The ones I wrote about for May were:

In gerelateerd nieuws, Carol Hummel completed her latest artistic tree cozy and another artist crocheted an entire gun store.

Haak Interviews

I was happy to be able to do an interview with Bay Area crochet artist nerdJERK. And I was just as happy to do an interview with Etsy crocheter Rhymit. Both awesome artists with great information and ideas to share.

Crochet Book Reviews

The books I reviewed on the blog in May were:

  • Vezel verzamelena book featuring info on 25 U.S. fiber festivals
  • Garens Bombingthe definitive guide to this controversial crochet art
  • Haak!a great stitch dictionary and technique book

Sightings of Haak op de baan, in Stores, on Celebrities

Crochet Technique Information, Lists and Tips

Daily Crochet Quotes

Some of my favorite May quotes included:

Daily Crochet Work on Etsy

Every day I also show off someone’s Etsy crochet work. Some favorites from May:

People Crocheting for a Cause

Other Interesting Crochet News

My Crochet Projects

Want to see what I’ve made? May’s posts of my work:

Ook, a friend sewed me up a great crochet hooks organizer bag.

Haak op Twitter

Lots of suggestions of who to follow on Twitter:



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