Update op TOMS haak geïnspireerd schoenen

I received a lot of questions after posting about the crochet-inspired inspired shoes coming out this summer by TOMS. En ik heb een paar antwoorden zodat dacht ik dat ik hen zou delen …

The biggest question is where you can find them. They are supposed to hit stores in June but I’m not sure which stores will be carrying them. What I do know is that they are already available on the TOMS website. You can find them underwomen’s: new styles”.

Then there is the question of cost. The TOMS website currently lists these shoes at $58. I assume that you also have to pay shipping. When shopping online, it always makes sense to look around for a coupon code to reduce the cost of the purchase.

And finally I was asked what colors they come in (since in the first post I showed them in a bright green). Zoals u kunt zien, they also come in black. Additionally they come in a color called “natuurlijke” (an off white) and a color that TOMS calls red but on my computer monitor it looks more like a rust color (reddish brown).

The TOMS website has the following points to add:

  • TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
  • TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • One-piece outsole for flexibility and durability
  • Dus, with this additional information, what do you think about these crochet shoes?


    San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

    7 Opmerkingen:

    1. I think they’re cute but I couldn’t wear them. Even with the insert my arches are too high and those would kill me and my back.

    2. On the TOMS website, I only see these shoes in the colorNeon Green”. I would like to purchase the natural colored ones, Hoewel!

    3. Will they be coming out with different colors other than the neon green soon?

      • @VickiThey were released in the other three colors earlier this month but then those colors disappeared from the site. I’ve tried contacting TOMS to get more information but I haven’t gotten a response yet. Will let you know if I find out!

    4. What do you mean by toe-stitch? Is that a piece of fabric by the toe? In the photo above that’s what it seems like. I really want these but I may have to see them in person before making my decision. Anyone have these that they can post good pictures of all angles and them wearing them for me?


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