Een andere muzikant die haakpennen: Ana Voog

Just yesterday I posted about how British Sea Power indie chick rocker Abi Fry is a girl who crochets. And now I’ve come across another band girl who is into this great craft: Ana Voog. reminds us that Ana Voog was the frontwoman for a band called The Blue Up? back in the late 1990’s. What she really gained attention for was her tech-based artistic project called AnaCam. As you may be able to guess she used a webcam to broadcast her life (back before this was something that everyone knew how to do!) Her work was often erotic and there’s actually a retrospective display of that work at Smitted Kitten, an adult store in Minnesota.

But what’s really cool is Voog’s crochet work. She makes and sells vrije vorm haak hoeden that are as much art as they are fashion. One was even featured in Dwell magazine! Check out a great interview with her over at CrochetLab.

On Monday’s I feature detailed reviews of the work of various crochet artists. Is Ana Voog one that you would like to see featured? Share your answer in the comments!


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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