Cover Your Walls with Knit Wallpaper

I have recently had the opportunity to see some samples of Knit Wall Murals by Murals Wallpaper. Although the designs aren’t specifically crochet, they are definitely for all yarn lovers. This wallpaper would add the perfect cozy touch to any craft studio and of course also works well in other areas of the home.

Haak geneest: Interview with Kim Mack

Kim Mack is a 56-year-old wife, mother of five and grandmother of 6 with many step-grandchildren in the family too. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. She sells crochet items through her Etsy store, LoveUnspokenCrochet, including her most popular item: Kufi hats. Crochet helps her living with MS, which she shares more about in this interview.

Annie’s Signature Designs Spring Breeze Crochet Collection (Interview)

I have really enjoyed the seasonal collections from Annie’s Signature Designs which launched with Summer Love, continued with Autumn Bliss and now includes the Spring Breeze collection. This series of patterns comes from lead designer Lena Skvagerson, who I’ve been lucky enough to interview for each collection, including this new one.