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It has just come to my attention that at least one person is disappointed with the delay in Hook to Heal’s publication so I wanted to publish another update for you in case it’s something that you’ve been wondering about.

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Post image for Hook To Heal Requires Me To Heal (a heartfelt project update)

I wanted to share with you the following email I sent as an update to all of my special Hook to Heal funders because it shares where I’m at, what my thoughts are on creativity and how being creative is all about process, not product.

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The book, called Hook to Heal, has received great early support. I am excited about its progress.

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Post image for If Hook to Heal Gets More Funding I’ll Give Away 5 Copies of Crochet Saved My Life

If Hook to Heal closes its funding with $3000 I’ll do a big giveaway on this blog offering five free copies of my book Crochet Saved My Life.

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This is a public thanks to the 75 people who have contributed between $1 e $75 each to my Indiegogo fundraiser for Hook to Heal, which is the next book that I’m working on.

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Post image for Get a $50 Blog Ad plus a Digital Crochet Book for Just $10!

Just a reminder about the deal that I’m running this week where you can get free advertising on the sidebar of Crochet Concupiscence in exchange for a contribution to my Hook to Heal crochet fundraiser project.

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You can actually get free advertising for an entire month if you contribute to my Hook to Heal fundraiser this week.

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