Self-Care Exercise: Crochet a Basket and Curate Items You Love

abagfullofcrochet crochet heart nesting baskets

In this exercise, you will crochet a basket where you can store and display items that are close to your heart. Perché? When you collect several items that you love and put them into one display, you essentially create a shrine to your own happiness. This is a place where you can continually re-fuel your own creative spirit. A crochet basket is a great place to store these items.

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My Gift-To-YouCrochet Book Discounts!

hook to heal cover

Ciao! Yesterday was my birthday, which I mentioned in the post about my parents yesterday. I also shared some old photos and memories on Instagram yesterday as part of my celebration. But today the celebration is extended to you. As my birthday gift to you, I’m offering steep discounts on my books throughout the rest of April.

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