10 Più fa capolino all'uncinetto da seguire su Twitter

Every Friday on this blog I make a list of ten crochet-tweeting people to follow. Here they are for this week: @LTSNeedlework. Colleen Leader isFounder of LooseThreadStitchers.com, SYHO and Stella & Mimi. Needlework Insider & MomSpace columnist who loves social media & connecting with others.That’s why you should follow her! @crochetbug. Leslie Stahlhut posts regular, witty, fun Tweets about crochet. @plainsight. Amy O’Neill Houck isa writer, crochet and knitwear designer and vegan chef”. In Alaska! @thecrochetdude. This guy’s blog is one of the most well-known blogs about crochet. He’s active in the crochet / craft community and tweets about what’s going on where he’s at. @crochetbyfaye. Describes herself as aStructural Crochet Engineer always wishing for more time in the day”. I enjoy her blog of the same name as her Twitter handle and follow the account on Twitter as well. @lindamade. This crochet designers and crochet book author is great about Tweeting. @MHDesigner. Margaret Hubert is a crochet designer who shares information about this work on Twitter. @OlekNYC. I just happen to really love the crochet art by Olek. So even though her Twitter isn’t super active, I’d recommend following her because she’s cool! @CrochetSpot. Rachel Choi tweets about crochet patterns, how to crochet and more. @ToniLRex. This is the Twitter account for Toni Rexroat, the assistant editor for Crochet Me and Interweave Crochet. You can find me on Twitter @CrochetBlogger. Are you on Twitter and tweeting about crochet? Share your Twitter handle in the comments.

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