Interview with Crochet Jewelry Artist Beth of Red Squirrel Crafts

crochet leaf necklace by red squirrel crafts

Beth Currie fell in love with crochet after moving to Scotland. She began working with thread, making unique and beautiful crochet jewelry, and ultimately opened up Red Squirrel Crafts to share her work with others. In this interview we learn more about her work, how it balances with the rest of her life and how it all goes to help red squirrels.

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Crochet Interview with Erna from Eyes of a Child Blog

crochet bunny lovey blankets by erna

I am happy to bring you an interview today with Erna who blogs at Eyes of a Child, a beautiful blog inspired by the creativity and curiosity of how children see the world. She is a crafter who loves to crochet and has seen the benefits of the craft. She is also a photographer who shares beautiful images of her work. In questa intervista, we learn about her history with the craft and get a few photo tips for crafters.

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Interview with Cynthia Thomas of Loopy Crochet

Cynthia Thomas learned to crochet as a child and now sells her work through the shop Loopy Crochet. She loves making crochet scarves, hats and blankets and gets really creative when it comes to crocheting baby items. Crochet has helped boost her self-esteem and reduce her anxiety. Learn all of this and more about her work in this crochet interview.

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Tom of HollandVisible Mending and Crochet

This week I fell in love with this simple video by Tom of Holland, in which he explains the essence of hisvisible mendingin fiber art. He is not strictly, or even most, a crochet artist but he does incorporate crochet into his work and I think that the overall message of what he’s doing is so interesting and valuable.

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