Uncinetto Texting muffole (Recensione, Intervista, Blog Tour e Giveaway!)

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Progettista uncinetto Andee Graves ha un nuovo libretto di modello Leisure Arts fuori chiamato Texting muffole. Essa ha riempito otto modelli diversi per guanti senza dita che è possibile utilizzare per rimanere elegante, nd WARMA ancora in grado di utilizzare tutti i dispositivi SMS che richiedono le dita per essere liberi.

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Riepilogo di una conversazione di Crochet Cross-Blog

All throughout the past week I had a wonderful time doing a cross-blog crochet conversation with Sara of Mom With a Hook. I hope that you were able to follow along as we went back and forth from my blog to hers creating a conversation about crafting and many other things. Se non, here’s a summary of what we talked about and at the bottom of this post you’ll find links to all ten of our posts in order to get the full story of what we said. Crochet Histories I always find it interesting to learn about how crocheters got started in the craft and what keeps them going in it. Sara shared that she started crocheting when she was pregnant because she wanted to make something for the baby. I shared that I started crocheting a few years ago when dealing with a serious bout of depression. This led to a conversation about our various experiences with depression (mi) and bipolar (suo) and how crochet has been healing for both of us when dealing with emotional situations. I believe that it’s important to share these stories because it lets people know that they aren’t alone in their tough times, that there’s a way through to the other side and that crochet can be a huge part of that. Charity Crochet Sara also shared in her crochet history that she was happy to be able to use her skills to give back to others through charity crafting. She lost a baby in 1998 and one way she got through that was to start crocheting booties for moms who had lost babies (as well as blankets for pregnant women). This led to a really great conversation about crocheting for others and how that can be beneficial not only to the receiver but also to the person who is doing the crochet work. Uncinetto Fiction / Literature One of the lighter crochet topics that was really fun to talk about was our shared interest in reading more crochet fiction, literature and non-pattern non-fiction. Sara likes mysteries and was a fan of the first novel by Betty Hechtman (who has a crochet mystery series) but didn’t find the others in the series too compelling. I wasn’t as drawn in to Hechtman’s books as I wish I had been. I did mention that there’s another crochet mystery by Bendy Carter called Dying to Crochet that may be worth looking into although I haven’t read it. We have both read and laughed along with Mary Beth Temple’s collection of crochet essays titled Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot and agree that there should be more humorous crochet writing like this. And I want to check out the new young adult novel called Yes, which I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past. Il nostro 2012 Projects One of the main things that Sara and I talked about during this conversation was the different projects that we each have going on this year. Sara has some really cool things …

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