mese nazionale uncinetto 2016

Marzo è il mese nazionale all'uncinetto, a time for celebrating all different things in crochet. In questo post, I’ll share more information about what the month means and what it includes. And I’ve got a link to more than 10,000 uncinetto schemi and ideas that I’ve carefully curated in one place to keep you constantly inspired this month and all year long.

10,000 Uncinetto schemi!

I really wanted to do something special to celebrate National Crochet Month this year. I wanted it to be something that would be useful and inspiring for many, molti, many more months to come. So I decided to put together a list of 100 elementi, each linking to another 100 crochet patterns or projects, per un totale di 10,000 uncinetto schemi. My hope is that you will bookmark this and come back to it regularly whenever you need inspiration and ideas for crochet.

10000 uncinetto schemi

A few things about this list:

  • Ci sono 100 lists of at least 100 cose ogni.
  • There are bound to be some “camere doppie” across these categories, but I’ve tried to include so many extra links that you’ll really get to see 10,000 different things.
  • Most of these are crochet patterns, tra cui molti schemi uncinetto gratis.
  • However there are also inspirational crochet images, uncinetto tutorial, consigli di uncinetto e molto altro.
  • And some of the items on the list are books that curate 100 crochet patterns or more under one title.

More About National Crochet Month

mese nazionale uncinetto

Così, that’s what I have to offer you for National Crochet Month this year. But what exactly is this month all about? Mese nazionale artigianato, which is sponsored by the Craft and Hobby Association but supported by many other organizations as well, was first celebrated in 1994. At first the second week of the month was called crochet week but over time the month has also come to be called National Crochet Month or NatCroMo.

Crochetville NatCroMo Blog Tour

mese nazionale uncinetto

For the past four years, Crochetville has worked with bloggers and others in the industry to share really special things throughout the month of March including giveaways, interviste, e più. This year’s blog tour has a train theme, where we are invited to jump on the virtual train and ride it through many different websites and experiences. There are cute virtual tickets that people have posted on their blogs to show their own stops on the tour, and you can follow all of the stops on the Crochetville site.


The Crochetville website shares:

This year’s passenger train trip theme will enable an amount of social media community participation among crochet enthusiasts that has never been seen before. Passengers (crocheters) can participate in many different ways.

  • The Crochet Express will make multiple Daily Stops in the form of blog posts at that feature participating designers, Filato aziende, and crochet-friendly local yarn stores and featuring daily giveaways.
  • Blog tour participants that may feature free patterns, releases of brand-new patterns, coupon codes, and special discounts at stops to their own websites.
  • The Observation Car will feature daily discussions in which passengers can talk about their favorite parts of that day’s stops and post photos of their current crochet projects.
  • The Dining Car will feature a daily cocktail hour and dinner (through posting of recipe links), adding to the “train trip” experience.
  • All participants will post and share photos of new patterns, disegni gratis, and gorgeous yarns in their social media channels.

Benefici per la salute di uncinetto

uncinetto salvato la mia vita

I was also excited to read this on the Crochetville site:

Another goal of the tour is to get more people in the United States and around the world interested in the art of crochet. Recent studies in peer-reviewed medical journals have documented the health benefits of crafting. Crocheters have also self-documented the health benefits they have received from crocheting. Secondo il 2014 Tracking Study conducted by the Craft Yarn Council, crocheters stated they receive these benefits from practicing their hobby: relax (90%), reduced stress levels (85%), help coping with health challenges (76%), improved mood (68%), and a sense of confidence (56%). Crochetville wants as many people as possible to experience these health benefits and share our love of this beautiful art form.

I obviously believe wholeheartedly in the benefici per la salute di uncinetto and am glad that this is becoming increasingly well recognized since a few years ago when I first did my research to write Uncinetto salvato la mia vita. I’m thrilled that this aspect is being mentioned as part of the value of National Crochet Month!

How to Celebrate National Crochet Month

Here are some ideas for celebrating through March:

  • Bookmark, blog and/ or share the 10,000 uncinetto schemi link that I’ve curated for this event.
  • Follow along on all aspects of the Crochetville NatCroMo tour.
  • Let people know about the health benefits of crochet.
  • Buy a crochet book.
  • Use and view the hashtags on #nationalcrochetmonth and #natcromo on all social media
  • Buy new yarn or crochet hooks or crochet patterns.
  • Support independent yarn stores and crochet designers.
  • Wear crochet items that you have made.
  • Crochet items for charity.
  • Crochet in public and discuss the craft with others when they show interest.
  • Just crochet! Daily or as much as you can!

7 more ways to celebrate NatCroMo.


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

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