Come fare il vostro spazio all'uncinetto più ispiratrici

Lion Brand has just published my blog article on making your craft space sacred. In this article I shared the ideas that I have about how to enhance the space where you crochet so that you can make it a place of more spirituality, creatività, relaxation and/ or inspiration. I’d like to talk a little bit more about that here and then get your thoughts!

A Better Crochet Space

One of the great things about crochet is that we can do it anywhere. In cafes, waiting in the car pickup line, on buses, and in every room of the house. It’s a perfect craft for convenience.

But I also think it’s important to try to carve out a little niche of space for yourself that serves as a special crochet place in your home. It can be a whole craft studio room but it doesn’t have to be. It might just be a favorite chair in the perfect sunny corner, a spot in the backyarnd for outdoor crochet, a tabletop for supplies next to the bed.

Nell'articolo, I write about ways to enhance even those small spaces to make them special. Perché?

  • It’s a celebration of your craft.
  • It helps you drop more easily into a relaxed state each time you craft.
  • The routine of the space is comforting and healing.
  • It’s a special thing to do for yourself! Why not?!

Make It Yours

I have been thinking a lot lately (because of school) about the intersection of creativity and spirituality in my life so a lot of what I’m working on in my craft space is making it special in this way. But your craft space might have a different intention. It might be about productivity or relaxation or healing. Ask yourself what you most want to get out of crafting right now.

What’s Your Space Like?

I’d love to know what your craft area is like. What’s the best part of it? What could be different? What ideas do you have for making it more special? Please come share your thoughts in the comments here.

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