How I Hooked To Heal

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This is an excerpt from a full interview I did awhile back on the Made in K-town blog. It shares some of my story of crocheting to heal.

You can actually read my whole mini-memoir of depression and how crochet helped with it in my book, Uncinetto salvato la mia vita, so I’ll spare you the details here and just say this … During my lowest low period of depression there were times when I could not get out of bed, when I could not stop crying, when I could not find a shred of self-esteem anywhere in my whirling, reeling mind. I kept grasping at activities that would take my mind off of itself and eventually remembered that I once knew how to crochet. I re-taught myself, mostly using kids’ crochet books, and I fell in love.

I fell in love with the craft. I fell in love with life again. I learned to love myself.
The rhythmic act of crocheting helped me to calm down, reduce my anxiety, and quell the constant crying that came with depression. (Full disclosure – I also started seeing a therapist at this time and engaging in other self-care so it wasn’t crochet alone that changed my life but it did play a huge part). The process of visualizing and completing a project helped me to see that I could achieve things again in my life, aiding in rebuilding my self-esteem. The tactile sensations of working with soft, colorful yarn helped bring beauty back into my life. I hooked myself to healing.
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I agree, crocheting for me is really therapeutic. It calms me whenever I am angry or upset.; and it keeps my brain focused on one thing. Usually Im all over the place and my attention span is extremely short but I can crochet for hours and hours non stop.


I quite agree crochet does heal, I just don't know what I would do without my crochet, even if I'm not doing it I'm reading great blogs like this one filled with all things crochet.

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