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by Kathryn on August 15, 2013 · 3 comments

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I’m so excited about the crochet top that I recently completed! It has a convertible design that I’m having so much fun playing with.

It Started as a Shrug

DSCN1038 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

This crochet top started out as a shrug. My basic approach to making a crochet shrug is this:

  • Crochet a rectangle that is as long across as I want the shrug to be from one arm end to the other.
  • Make sure it is wide enough that when folded it will wrap around the arms.
  • Seam the rectangle shut to create the arms. Usually I use single crochet to do this.
  • Continue crocheting a smaller portion in the center that becomes the back of the shrug (basically making a square or rectangle back from arm to arm).
  • Crochet an edging around the front and neck to give the final shrug more shape.

A Belted Touch

DSCN1034 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

I did all of that and had a crochet shrug. But I wanted to do something different. I’ve been looking at a lot of shirts lately that have long ties that can wrap around and around the body in unique ways. I started out thinking I’d do that, creating a tie on one end at the waist. However, when it got long enough to where it would reach the other side across the front of my body I decided that I’d actually just join it there. I effectively created an open-front sweater this way out of what had previously been a shrug.

Wearing it Different Ways

I found that by playing around with the way I put the crochet shrug on I could achieve very different looks. So for example:

I pulled the belted part up over my head so it looks like a statement necklace in the front:

DSCN1045 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

And a two-layer shrug in the back:

DSCN1042 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

And I turned it upside down to create a halter top in front:

DSCN1046 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

And twisted it to create what almost has a hoodie look in back:

DSCN1049 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

Below you’ll see how the neck piece can change looks depending on whether I put the shrug on upside down or rightside up:

DSCN1050 600x600 My Crochet: Convertible Top

It’s so fun to play with! I’m hoping to find more looks as I keep wearing it. I love this new crochet convertible top.

But It Used To Be …

Photo on 2011 06 20 at 16.18 2 500x375 My Crochet: Convertible Top

If you have a really good eye you might remember that this looks kind of similar to something I made before. That’s because I previously used this KnitCol yarn to create a ponchette / capelette. I really liked it but I’ve found I just don’t wear those nearly as much as I want to and it seemed like a waste to have such a great yarn go to a piece that’s not used much so I frogged that capelet and used it to start this crochet convertible sweater shirt. I added some KnitPicks alpaca yarn when the KnitCol ran out. Although honestly I explored wearing it in different ways when it was a capelet too, even once wearing it as a hood:

crochet hood My Crochet: Convertible Top

Have you ever crocheted any convertible designs? Do you play with different ways of wearing the same clothing item or just wear it the way it was originally intended?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet: Convertible Top

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I had to post this on Pinterest, a must share.


Very clever Kathryn - it looks very nice every way you tried it. :)

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