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Di tutti i post relativi all'uncinetto ho letto questa settimana, Questi erano quelli che pensavo da non perdere!

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Do you have a crochet project that was a total failure? Don’t let it go to waste! There’s a book coming out in 2014 chiamato CraftFail and they’re seeking submissions. The author (@craftfail) dice:

I am seeking submissions for CraftFail, an upcoming book by me, Heather Mann, di CraftFail.com, which will feature ugly crafts, Pinterest projects gone wrong, epic cooking fails, Not-quite-ready-for-Martha crafts, and unfortunate yet hilarious DIY fails. I invite beginning crafters, Pinterest enthusiasts, craft bloggers, professional crafters and makers of all stripes to submit their lavoro worst work for possible publication in this book.

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granny crochet blanket 400x300 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Lucy di attico 24 shared her newly-completed granny patchwork blanket. Click through to see all of her terrific photos of the colorful richness.

crochet swing coat The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Adorabile crochet swingcoat that Thornberry made for her little girl

crochet rainbow tree 400x533 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Albero arcobaleno colorato all'uncinetto di Vendulka via Knithacker

crochet egg The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Las Teje y Maneje shared the funky crochet eggs di Donkey Creative Lab

romanian point lace necklace The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

BaleaRaitz has created a new Romanian Point necklace for her Etsy shop; it was inspired by a cup of coffee!

crochet necklace 400x272 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

I’m also adoring the new crochet necklace design from Double Crochets (@masxalitsa)

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Uncinetto recensioni

  • Eleggant Crochet Hook Review. Marie of Underground Crafter actually did this review last year but I became aware of it this week when we were commenting back and forth on a post here on this blog. She says it’s a hook option that takes a little getting used to but has helped her a lot with crochet-related hand cramping.
  • Uncinetto Noro. @lindamade talks about her two projects that are in this popular crochet book.
  • 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares. Sew I See shares thoughts on this crochet book by by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.
  • Granny Squares: 20 Crochet Projects with a Vintage Vibe. Suz Place shares a preview of this new book coming out in the spring/ summer.

Uncinetto schemi

crochet earwarmer pattern 400x600 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Modello scaldino Crochet grosso e veloce dell'orecchio via @projectsathouse (modello crochet libero)

triangle granny square 400x597 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

This one is more of a basic tutorial or recipe but you can get the gist of how to make the crochet triangle granny scarf using the directions from It’s Time to Create (@sohappyinred); found this one via a Craft School link from @creativejmom

felted crochet bowl pattern The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Aja del (artigianato)AMORE condiviso un modello crochet libero per ciotole feltrata

crochet bear pattern The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

@lastejeymaneje condiviso il Bru Bear, che non è solo un modello ma un kit completo uncinetto in vendita per raccogliere fondi e sensibilizzazione circa una specie di orso in pericolo.

crochet sweater pattern The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

@elevenhandmade has a beautiful new Modello di maglione Uncinetto tunisino per la vendita

Screen shot 2013 02 07 at 8.36.05 PM 400x516 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

Interweave has put together a collection of 10 popular afghans, coperte, and throws called Craft Tree: Crocheted Afghans spotted via This is Crochet

Uncinetto la citazione della settimana

Crochet is really a kind of life-and-death situation for me. I am crocheting to survive in the future.” – Crochetology


This week’s video is knit, non all'uncinetto, but so worth seeing.


New yarn from Berocco, via @websyarnstore

  • Pickles (@eatpickles) ha un new wool yarn, available in nearly two dozen colors, that they describe as a versatile, durable yarn in a harmonic, melanged palette. Bella.

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I also want to make sure to thank all of the amazing people who are supporting Hook to Heal with their contributions. I’ve done a shoutout post on my professional website. Grazie a tutti!

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pinit fg en rect gray 28 The Crochet Link Love of the Week!

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