Uncinetto in gioco Arcade d'altri tempi

One of my favorite magical places in the city of San Francisco is Musee Mecanique, an arcade museum that features games dating back more than fifty years. I hadn’t been there in quite some time and was surprised when I was wondering around anew recently to discover that one of the games is filled with crochet!

Musee Mecanique

DSC 5504 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

Questo old-time arcade museum is located in the touristy area of Fisherman’s Wharf. È descritto come: “one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines.Entry is free. I used to live just a short walk from here so it was a great way to get out of the house and spend just a few quarters for a lot of entertainment.

The Vintage Crochet Soccer Game

DSC 5500 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

When I was wandering around I found this really old soccer game and noticed immediately that the characters in it were dressed in crochet!

The way this works is that you stick a quarter into the machine and it turns on and pops out a soccer ball. There are grooves around each of the players so that the ball will always fall towards the feet of the players.

DSC 5499 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

It’s a two player game and you each get one handle to move. The one handle kicks the feet of all of the people on your team (including the goalie). They don’t move in any other way and they don’t move independently of one another.

DSC 5498 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

You play until one of you kicks the ball into the other’s goal one time. It is actually super hard to make this happen and the game can last a really long time!

Some Other Awesome Old Arcade Games

Here are some pictures of a few other old arcade games I played when I visited this time:

DSC 5505 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

DSC 5502 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

DSC 5496 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

DSC 5483 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

DSC 5478 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

And Why I Really Go Here

DSC 5493 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

Most of the arcade games at this museum are really old but they also have a section for us 1980’s kids who loved Atari and early Nintendo. Fun fact about me: I am probably the best Ms. Pac-man player you will ever meet.

DSC 5492 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

I consistently get the high score on every single Ms. Pac-Man game that I play. (Caveat: there are actually two different speeds of the game and I can pretty much always get the high score on the fast version but am less consistent on the slow version.)

I beat the high score on this particular machine this time on my first quarter. (Or actually fifty cents since that’s what they charge these days).

What and where is the oldest arcade game you’ve ever seen? I’ve also been to two old pinball museums, in Las Vegas and in Alameda.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet in Old Time Arcade Game

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