Cosa ne pensi della maglieria Over-The-Top di pari livello per gli uomini?

Normally I don’t post knit stuff here on the site since it’s a crochet-only blog. Tuttavia, I’m behind on getting posts up for the week (due to a stress-related situation here that ended in a bad cold and required me to take time off). Così, I thought I’d go ahead and use today to post some photos of the over-the-top men’s knitwear that SIBLING created for London Fashion Week 2013. Allora io sarò capovolgerlo a voi … cosa ne pensi di questa roba?

Men’s Knitwear

mens knit clothing

mens knits

mens knitwear

mens shoulder snood

Sister By Sibling

The brand launched Sister by Sibling as well, which also had some unique designs:

sister sibling fashion

womens knitwear

Così, thoughts?


Photo credits:

Men’s images: Photography by Christopher Dadey via Business Insider

Women’s images via Amelia’s Magazine


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6 Commenti:

  1. I’m sorry, but this is not good at all. :)

  2. Different and super sized. I like it but it’s not very realistic seems like it would be very heavy. make them a bit smaller and really sell them!!!

  3. I see some nice-looking patterning, but it looks to be overcome by the huge-ness of it all. Ma, attention-getting, if that’s what they are going for. I would never suspect items like that on a runway, but then I’m sort of a practical perfectionist. To each their own, Suppongo!!

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  5. These look knit to meor was it done in tunisian?

    In entrambi i casi…..No…I just can’t! Sì, they’re attention getting, but not in a good way! These bulky, loose, gaping hole sweaters and gigundous mittens look like something someone’s grandmother with the skills of a 3 year old made! Nobody would wear these without being paid a lot of money….like models. They’ll wear anything! LOL

  6. Darlingx!
    No Grandma, that’s not AT ALL embarrassing!

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