Gancio per guarire: An Example of a Crochet-Based Creativity Exercise

Come molti di voi sanno, I have launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to launch Gancio per guariremy next project, which aims to help crocheters explore their creative sides through a variety of exercises. But what exactly is a crochet-for-creativity exercise? Alycia of The Curious Pug has allowed me to guest post this week to show an example of some of the exercises that will be in the book.

Excerpt About The Crochet-for-Creativity Exercise

In this creativity exercise you will take lines from a number of different crochet patterns and put them together to make one random pattern. The pattern will not actually make sense or make a functional object. So what’s the point?
Some of the creative benefits you can get out of this crochet exercise are:
• Exploring what it is like to crochet something that you see as seemingly pointless; this can help you figure out what crochet means to you and can teach you a lot about your own artistic process.
• Facing your frustrations in crochet; the areas that don’t work out may frustrate you and how you deal with that frustration can teach you a lot about yourself!
• Expand your problem-solving techniques; you won’t be able to just do what the pattern says to do so you’ll have to get creative!
• Generating new curiosity for your crochet as you work; you’ll be curious about what will happen as the product develops. This also helps encourage uncinetto di Mindfulness as you will be immersed in the lines of the work.
Keep these goals in mind as you work through the exercise. At the end of the exercise you will find some tips and thoughts to help you work through the creative issues that arise.

The Full Exercise

You can find the full exercise, including the purpose, the steps to take and thefood for thoughtto help you with processing the experience in my guest post at The Curious Pug.

Help Support This Project

You don’t have to donate cash to my fundraiser to help support this crochet-for-creativity project. The more visible the project is, the more likely it is that the campaign will succeed. All you need to do to help is spread the word, share the links to the fundraiser page or even choose theembedoptions from the fundraiser page and add it to your own blog. Thanks for any and every ounce of support in my efforts to help other people access their inner artist using crochet.

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