10 Esempi di tassidermia Crochet

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I recently saw a crochet rhino head online that I loved and it reminded me that I’ve been intending to do a roundup of taxidermy-style crochet art. Here’s that roundup!

shauna richardson crochet taxidermy 400x347 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Shauna Richardson of the Lionheart Project is probably the artist best known for taxidermy-style crochet (o “crochetdermyas she calls it). This is just one of her many detailed realistic-looking taxidermy crochet animals.

crochet taxidermy art 400x507 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Elaine Bradford is another crochet artist I’ve previously profiled on Crochet Concupiscence who also does Tassidermia arte crochet.

plarn crochet trophy head 400x602 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

I love the crochet taxidermy pieces from Magda van der Vloed who works them using recycled plastic.

nathan vincent crochet taxidermy 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

I recently learned that crochet artist Nathan Vincent, who most people recognized from his crocheted locker room, was doing crochet taxidermy pieces several years ago

upcycled taxidermy pet 400x464 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Donya Coward is a UK textile artist who works with vintage materials, including old crochet, and found objects to create pet portraits, wall-mounted heads and more.

crochet trophy head 400x376 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

The Ladies Fancywork Society is a yarnbombing group. This one piece resembles crochet taxidermy.

mini crochet taxidermy 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Kid Crochet makes whimsical miniature crochet taxidermy pieces; she also does them using needlefelting

taxidermy crochet animals 400x400 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Su Etsy Ministry of Craft sells taxidermy-inspired crochet animals

crochet zebra 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

Mr X Stitch shared these crochet taxidermy heads Da Manafkla Mina’s etsy shop

crochet rhino 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

And finally here’s the crochet rhino I mentioned at the beginning of this post, via A La Sascha

pinit fg en rect gray 28 10 Examples of Crochet Taxidermy

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