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2011 in crochet: Sarah Applebaum, Blake Lively, Filati di Italia, Pacman

Tutto per tutta la settimana condivido notizie 2012 gancio … tranne la domenica quando diamo uno sguardo indietro a 2011 uncinetto e vedere se possiamo trovare aggiornamenti le notizie da allora. Godetevi carrellata di questa settimana:

Crochet Art

mandy greer crochet 300x205 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Crochet Artist Mandy Greer published a beautiful coffee table book showing a retrospective of ten years of her work. Greer continua a fare ed esporre il suo unico ricco di crochet art, che è spesso artigianalmente da squadre di crocheters che lavorano per rendere la sua visione prendono vita. Greer has also recently been teaching cowl-making classes as part of a project called Gleaning, Redeeming, Sopravvivere e progredire.

yarnbomb Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I wrote about Yarn Bobbings, part of a larger yarnbombing group called Knittaz with Attitude, which is in turn part of an even larger group that interested me called Aunty Social. “L'idea dietro il nome è quello di ottenere la gente fuori da dietro i loro schermi televisivi e monitor e nel mondo reale e la comunità più ampia. Il nome spiritoso ci ricorda che c'è un valore per finire il tuo comportamento anti-sociale, solitaria e contribuire a qualcosa all'interno della comunità più grande. Il gruppo vuole anche incoraggiare le persone specificamente a uscire dalle loro case durante la notte in modo che essi vedono la loro comunità come un amichevole, luogo sociale piuttosto che una cattiva, posto spaventoso. ” Aunty Social continues to be active in crafting, yarnbombing, literary events and more.

crochet art1 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I shared more artwork from colorful, wacky crochet artist Sarah Applebaum. She does such great fun work! Come ho già detto in post di settimana scorsa, this artist just recently wrapped up a solo show in Tennessee. I can’t wait to see what comes from her next!

Uncinetto Libri

crochet tote Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Ho rivisto Totes per tutte le ragioni by Marty Miller. This is a great little crochet pattern book filled just with patterns for tote bags. I think crochet bags are so useful for so many things, which is why I liked it. I did end up eventually giving my copy away to a blog reader, which is what I usually do after I finish using my crochet books.

Crochet Notizie

christopher kane crochet biker jacket Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Young knit and crochet designers were completely overhauling the cashmere industry in Scotland. Interesting news! And the news continues. There was recently a NY Times article about how designer brand Chanel had just purchased a Scottish cashmere mill, detto, ““Through this acquisition, we reaffirm our commitment to traditional expertise and craftsmanship, and our wish to safeguard their future and support their development.

red doily fabric 400x399 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

103-year-old Lydia Campbell carries centrini all'uncinetto with her to hand out in celebration of her long life. What a fun way to embrace and celebrate old age! I’m not sure how Campbell is doing well but I hope she’s hooking along!

crochet blanket foster care Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

A Little Bit of Comfort volunteers age 7 – 94 were crocheting items for children in the foster care system in San Diego. I checked their site and they are still an active group. Finora in 2012 hanno donato più di 500 coperte.

Crochet Moda

prada crochet dress celebrity 400x600 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Ho iniziato la mia Progettazione Crochet progetti. Wow – Non posso credere che sia stato un anno! E 'stato il mio obiettivo di coprire 50 diversi stilisti, cercando in ogni crochet nelle loro collezioni. Facendo uno per settimana ho teoricamente avrei ottenuto tutti fatto proprio intorno ora. Tuttavia, Ho saltato qualche settimana, al fine di coprire le altre notizie di moda crochet in quei giorni, quindi ci sono ancora un po 'a sinistra sulla lista e il progetto andrà avanti fino a quando è completa. Ho amato guardare crochet da nomi come Chanel, McQueen e Prada!

celebrity crochet dress Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Ho fatto una metà mese carrellata di celebrità e designer crochet che comprendeva questa immagine di Kim Kardashian in un abito crochet con frange. Lo stesso abito è stato indossato anche da modello Kelly Brook.

Quotazioni Crochet

«Un gancio di legno crochet era il suo strumento, e per ben più di mezzo secolo, ha giocato come un violinista. " – fonte

“The face of lace has changed tremendously since Grandma’s crochet hankies.”fonte

“A little bit of yarn therapy is the best balm for the weary crocheter’s soul – especially when you feel stressed and overextended.”Mani in Delight

“I truly enjoy creating hats and scarves from a single strand of yarn. It’s quite fascinating if you think about it.”fonte

Crochet su Etsy

crochet megaman 400x533 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I had fun putting together an Etsy treasury of crochet items themed around video games. Crochet Geek! The crochet megaman pattern shown above is sold on Etsy by RichmondArt. One of the items shown in the treasury is a crochet Pacman ghost, which I love because Ms. Pacman is the only non-word-based video game I’m truly great at. I got my own Ms. Pacman later last year from NerdJERK.


crochet cowl3 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Ho fatto una revisione di Bernat Bambino Jacquard filato. I enjoyed the colorway and the cowl that I made using this yarn.

I did a post showing the newest yarn from a few indie sellers: Candy Matassa, Yarns of Italy and A Stash Addict. Here’s something new from each of them in Fall 2012:

candy skein yarn 400x347 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Witch’s Brew from Candy Matassa

yarns of italy Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Hip Wool from Filati di Italia

mini skein yarn 400x533 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Mini-Skeins from A Stash Addict

Quello che mi è stato fino a

twylah crochet Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I was getting very active sharing my Tweets on Twylah, a site that allows me to aggregate a lot content in one place under categories so that it serves as a blog or magazine style page of the things that I tweet. Io continue to use Twylah. I am also now doing something similar on Sulia, but the difference there is that I’m able to write in a lot more of my own content for a more personalized sort of aggregation.

crochet bag Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I was thinking about taking my laptop bag crochet and folding it in half to make a thick cushioned purse. I eventually decided that wasn’t a good idea and kept it as a regular laptop cozy.

upcycled crochet hooks 400x362 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I was doing some creative writing about crochet. I’d like to go back to write stories and poems related to my projects but I’ve let that slide lately. Not enough hours in the days!

crochet cowls1 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

I created a video for my crochet cowls.

hookedtogether2 500x84 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)

Stavo esplorando i link blogroll in vari blog per il mio Hooked Insieme Progetto. Just like the week before I was working through the very extensive blogroll of Bridge and Beyond, the crochet-for-charity organization based in Ohio.

Questo giorno nella Crochet Storia

I looked up this date in crochet history and found a 1964 articolo by Pauline Walker about how many women were starting to wear pants on a regular basis. The article mentioned that pants with crochet edging were a popular choice. Other popular pants of the time weresmart knit versions”, “trim tailored stylesand culottes.

Lo scorso anno si perde uno di questi posti? È possibile visitare gli originali usando i link in tutto questo post.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Then and Now in Crochet (11/11   11/17)
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