L'onore di essere Rispetto al CLF

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Un paio di settimane fa aberrante Crochet ha fatto un bel post sul blog con un grido fuori per diversi blog all'uncinetto, compreso il mio. She had some really generous things to say, including comparing me to Crochet Liberation Front, which was a really special mention for me.

Aberrant Crochet on Crochet Concupiscence

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From the post:

“Kathryn scrive ampiamente sugli ultimi avvenimenti in crochet. Quindi, se ti consideri un serio appassionato di uncinetto e non sei ancora sulla sua lista degli iscritti, o dopo la sua su Twitter, well then you should be. She will get you in touch with more crocheters and crochet related news than any other one stop shop outside The Crochet Liberation Front. And y’all know my love for the CLF, so check Kathryn’s blog out!”

L'onore di essere Rispetto al CLF

I’m touched, not just because Crochet Aberrant compared me to someone she loves but because that’s a blog that I really love as well. When I first started blogging about crochet, less than two years ago, there were a handful of sites that I held up as models. I didn’t want to be like them, I just felt inspired by them, and CLF was definitely one of those blogs.

Crochet Liberation Front is a blog that celebrates crochet and celebrates the crochet community. While my content is different from what Laurie shares, I have always wanted to be a blog that also gets known for playing a small role in helping to strengthen the crochet community by sharing and supporting the amazing work that other crocheters are doing.

Here are some of the other things that I like about Laurie’s blog:

  • She’s not afraid to shy away from tough topics.
  • She’s also not afraid to be silly sometimes.
  • She uses her own skills to provide information that helps her readers.
  • She generally keeps a positive attitude that is all about the good ways we can help each other out this community.
  • Laurie truly is a fearless leader!
Laurie’s been running the CLF blog a lot longer than I’ve been running Crochet Concupiscence. Infatti, it’s currently inversion 3.0″. Plus she’s launched social networking site Hookey for crocheters. When I first started crochet blogging I was a little bit intimidated to get in touch with Laurie because she seemed like such a strong voice in this community. I’ve since gotten to know her a little bit and while I continue to find her amazing I don’t find her at all intimidating; she’s a personable laidback woman. It’s really special to be getting a celebratory mention of my blog in the same breath as hers. So thanks to Abberant Crochet for the mention and thanks to CLF for being an inspiration!

Who are your role models for your blog or your crochet work?

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That is definitely an honor! I definitely think you are doing something comparable for the crochet community.


Marilyn Murphy, publisher of Interweave Crochet (eccetera). was the first person to take an interest in my work-way back in the 80's when she was the owner of The Weaving Workshop in Chicago. She asked me to do a little show in the shop-which was my 1st. I'm sure she doesn't even remember me after all these years but she is my HERO.

I always think of her and the amazing yarns and world class classes she offered when I need inspiration.

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