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Di tutti i posti che ho letto questa settimana nel mondo crochet blogging, questi erano quelli che mi è piaciuto di più. Dateci un'occhiata ora, se vi siete persi li la prima volta intorno.

Qualcosa di speciale

Mark your calendars for the next Craft Social chat. On October 30th at 2pm EST Twitter will be abuzz as Barbara (@penguintrax), Haley (@thezenofmaking), and guest expert Kim Werker (@ Kpwerker) host a chat about how you can set the stage for productivity as a maker AND/OR craft business owner. I’m definitely planning to try popping on for this one.

Parole intelligenti Crochet

Bella Crochet Opere

crochet purses Another Exciting Edition of Crochet Link Love

Blog crochet spagnolo Las Teje y Maneje shared the crochet clutches and coin purses di Lanusa

crochet mandala 400x400 Another Exciting Edition of Crochet Link Love

Un Essere creativo is making weekly mandala crochet; this one was inspired by sparkles

post stitch crochet beanie 400x300 Another Exciting Edition of Crochet Link Love

I love the texture of post stitches so I was happy to see this post stitch crochet beanie finished this week by Jenn piace questo filato

rainbow blanket 400x300 Another Exciting Edition of Crochet Link Love

Joyce28 donated this beautiful take on a rainbow granny blanket to SIBOL

Gancio “Come”

Nuovi Patterns Crochet

Recensioni Crochet e interviste


Altre cose

Ringraziamenti speciali

  • Midlife in Giappone did a lovely post about learning to crochet, exploring the health benefits of crochet and how it might be a good idea to buy my book Crochet Saved My Life. Grazie!!
  • Thanks to Jen from the great blog Pursuit of Sassiness for doing a review of Crochet Saved My Life
  • Kimberly Montgomery for asking me to do a guest post about the health benefits of crafting
  • Tickle the Sun for featuring my guest post called Crafting for Daily Balance.
  • AnastaciaKnits per la condivisione di un link al mio infographic post on the history of crochet hooks in medicine
  • MadWhimsy put together a collection of 70+ links around the web about crochet and included Crochet Concupiscence, detto, “se succede nel mondo del crochet, Kathryn probabilmente avrà già segnalato che”.
  • Elisabeth Andree shared about being inspired by Marc Jacobs gancio and noted that my designer crochet post on it was an inspiration.

Avere un resto formidabile del vostro week-end. Buona lettura!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Another Exciting Edition of Crochet Link Love
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ThingsBright like.author.displayName 1 Come

Thanks for sharing my little pumpkins! This is quite the list you put out!!

AberrantCrochet like.author.displayName 1 Come

Thanks for the link love Kathyrn! I appreciate you!

Joyce28 like.author.displayName 1 Come

Thanks for the nod to my Rainbow SIBOL blanket. - Joyce28

undergroundcrafter like.author.displayName 1 Come

Thanks for linking to my interview, and as always, for introducing me to new blogs!


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