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Seven Alive recently did a review of my new book, Uncinetto salvato la mia vita Interview Excerpt: My History of Learning to Crochet Through Depression, and included an author interview with me. I thought I’d share an excerpt from that interview that explains a little about how I came to crochet as a healing tool for depression which is a core story in the book.

Seven Alive Asked:

When and from who did you learn to crochet? If you hadn’t known how to crochet before do you think you would have thought to turn to it during your deep depression?”
I answered:
I originally learned to crochet the basic chain from my mother when I was a child. I didn’t crochet again until I was deep in the midst of depression in my mid-twenties. At the time I was trying all of the advice I could for healing and I’d heard somewhere along the way that what you’re meant to do as an adult is what you enjoyed doing as a child. I tried to think back and I could remember that I always used to make friendship bracelets. Per qualche motivo, crochet came to mind and I decided to try that.

I actually asked my mom to teach me again but neither of us could quite figure out how to do it using the information in her old crochet magazines. I ended up mostly re-teaching myself using kids’ crochet books. I did use YouTube videos to get the basic loop down but after that I found books worked better for me.

Così, for me, I turned to crochet during this time because it was similar to crafts I’d enjoyed as a child. As readers will learn in the book, I tried dozens of different things to interest me during my depression from dance classes to business classes and nothing really stuck. Crochet worked because it was creative but easy and affordable.
You can read the full review and interview here. In the interview I also answer the question about which other woman’s story in the book I resonated with most. Sneak-peek: it’s Laurie of Crochet Liberation Front.

Wondering who the kid is in the photo at the top of the post? That’s me when I was little! I thought it would be a fun thing to share.
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