Crochet Etsy Designer Annie Briggs

I’ve been looking through the archives on this blog lately, remembering things that inspired me in the past, and I re-discovered how much I love the work of Annie Briggs. Annie è un designer di moda con una piccola impresa su Etsy e lei incorpora un sacco di crochet grande nel suo lavoro.

About Annie Briggs

annie briggs crochet etsy Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

AnnieBriggs has a terrific Etsy “circa” pagina that explains a lot about her work. She learned to crochet dollsclothes as a child and eventually began creating clothes for real women. She opened a small fashion store in the 1980s and continued in fashion for about 15 years before deciding on a short-term career change to better support her family. She focused on a job in sales, raised her three daughters and went to business school but she’s always retained a love of fashion and crochet. She uses what she callsunconventional stylein the hopes of gaining widespread attention for her work and serving asa catalyst for new and emerging cutlures”. She opened her Etsy store in early 2008.

Things I Like

red crochet shorts 400x387 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

There are several things I really like about Annie’s Etsy store that caused me to want to profile her work here:

  • I really love Annie Briggsunique sense of fashion stlye. With each piece she takes vintage inspiration, adds some retro flair, infuses an artistic twist and creates a contemporary garment.
  • She has some unusual pieces that she does really well. Ad esempio, she is one of the only crochet designers I’ve seen who can create long crochet shorts that actually look cute!
  • I love the way she blends crochet e tessuto. There is a definitely multi-media side to some of her pieces. Plus her crochet work is always appropriately lined.
  • She creates garments for women of all sizes. Her shop currently has items sized 0 – 22, which is a much bigger range of OOAK garment sizes than most stores (on Etsy or in the real world!)

Favorite Crochet Garments

crochet garment 400x180 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

This crochet garment can be worn as a skirt, scialle, tunic, poncho, or dress and it looks cute no matter which way it is worn! Love the versatility! She makes this in a variety of colors with different, interchangeable sashes.

crochet embellished fabric jacket 400x400 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

Mixed media jacket with crochet

crochet and fabric vest 400x491 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

Polka dot vest with crochet neckline

annie briggs crochet outfit 400x400 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

Non è facile creare un crochet superiore e inferiore che può guardare alla moda insieme ma servono anche come singoli pezzi. Annie achieves that here.

crochet jacket 400x400 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

Uncinetto giacca

Thoughts on this designer’s work? Share them in the comments below!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Etsy Crochet Designer Annie Briggs

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