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I am continuing to research the creative crochet designers that are featured in the books that were published in the 1970s. Tuttavia, I’m getting into the designers that are a little tougher to find out about because there doesn’t appear to be any additional updated information about them online.

Who Was Janet Karpeck?

Janet Karpeck ha disegni presenti in due dei principali libri che io uso per la mia ricerca in uncinetto anni 70 designer. Tuttavia, neither book says anything about her other than that she’s the designer of the works pictured. I’ve looked online and asked around to some of the other designers I’ve been in touch with from that time and nobody has any information so far.

Janet Karpeck in Creative Crochet

I first saw Janet Karpeck’s work in Creative Crochet where she has a single crochet vest featured in the black-and-white photo section:

I love this great design in the center of the top. This shape of top was really popular with the designers of the time and Karpeck’s use of graphic pattern and layered design makes hers stand out.

Nota: Her name in this book is spelledJanet Karpack”. As I’ve worked on this series I’ve seen several variations of spelling in designersnames between the different books produced during this name.

Janet Karpeck in Discovery & Progettazione

Janet has more work featured in the book Discovery & Design by Del Pitt Feldman. She continues to work with the same shape much of the time, although we get to see some color images of her work here:

We also see Karpeck tackle a few new shapes with her crochet work, such as a poncho (detail below):

She continued to use layering and texture to maintain a signature style despite the change in garment.

If you have any information about Janet Karpeck I’d love to know more about her!

Questo post è parte di una serie su 1970designer crochet s. Visitare gli altri posti della serie a vedere crochet designer come Janet Lipkin Decker, Norma Minkowitz e Feldman del.

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5 Commenti:

  1. Un altro mistero. I love that ’70s style vestit was super popular. The center motif is really striking.

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  3. I learned to crochet in the 70’s and have some magazines from that time. I crocheted a dress designed by Del Feldman and still have it in fact. This is the first time I have heard of Janet Karpeck. Love her work though – bella!

  4. I am her husband

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