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A funny thing happens when people spend time in my home. They notice a little bit of crochet right away and comment on it, usually saying something nice or asking if I made something they see. Then after sitting for a little while, they notice something else in crochet. And then something else. And at some point in the visit they say that there’s crochet everywhere. icon smile My Crochet Home: Retro Tablecloth

It’s true. I have a lot of crochet on display in my house but it’s in little bits here and there so it doesn’t immediately hit the senses as a completely crochet-covered home. I thought I’d start sharing with you what some of the crochet looks like in my space, starting with a tablecloth in my kitchen.

crochet tablecloth1 My Crochet Home: Retro Tablecloth

Il “tableclothis actually a crochet blanket that you’ve seen before as the background in many of my photos. It’s a large orange and yellow granny square that I love because of the fun, bold, retro colors. I can’t lay claim to making this one; I found it at Goodwill for a couple bucks and brought it home where it’s much loved.

I’ve had it in multiple places throughout my home but the place it is now, and the place it works best, is in my kitchen. I try to make the kitchen a place of sunny bright colors. I have red cookware. I have orange and yellow retro floral containers for things like rice and pasta. So the blanket fits right in. I use it as a tablecloth over a tall side table next to my sink, a table that holds my coffee maker, some coffee cups and usually one of my three cutting boards. It’s acrylic so when it gets dirty it can just go in the wash.

Do you have any crochet in your kitchen?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet Home: Retro Tablecloth

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