Crochet l'America: Teenager Piazzole Crochet di lavoro a Investitori

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Ho accennato di nuovo e di nuovo that teenage boys have picked up on the crocheting trend. And I’ve shared the stories of some young male crocheters who are making a decent business selling their stuff. But I think Jason Ziolkowski might be the youngest guy I’ve heard of who has really taken crochet to the next level in business; the high school sophomore recently pitched his company, Crochet l'America, to a team of investors.

Jason Ziolkowski

Jason Ziolkowski learned to crochet from his mother. E 'stato uno dei tanti prodotti artigianali che lei gli ha insegnato. Quando era in prima media, ha iniziato cercando di trovare idee per fare soldi ed era a sua madre che ha suggerito vendono mano articoli a maglia. At first he thought it wasn’t something a boy should be doing but he started crocheting hats and his business was quickly launched. He sold 50 hats in his first year as a sixth grade entrepreneur.

Crochet l'America

The name that Jason Ziolkowski has given his business is Crochet America. The busines is now five years old and has sold more than 600 cappelli del crochet. Recentemente, the teenager has begun to take the business even more seriously. He is focusing on growing his online sales and hiring independent contractors to make hats for him he hopes to at least double his total sales. And he’s started looking for investors.


Jason got connected with potential investors through iOwn, an entrepreneurship company designed to help people start their own businesses. A co-owner of the business taught a non-credit course at a college near Ziolkowski and through that course he learned important skills like how to forecast sales. His presentation to the iOwn judges, seen in the video above, earned him investment seed money to put what he learned to use in growing his business.


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