TERENZI: Tessile e Fiber Art elenco

As you can see from the image above, there’s a promotion going on right now to enter to win $1000 vale la pena di pubblicità da The Textile e Fiber Art elenco (TERENZI). I’m posting about this because I want to win but the fact that I want to win should tell you that there’s something about the organization worth checking out.

What is TAFA?

TERENZI is a professional organization designed to help build and strengthen the fiber arts community. You know that this is important to me since one of my goals is to help strengthen ties in the online crochet community. TAFA is more of a business community where entrepreneurs in any area of the fiber arts can come together to celebrate the traditions of the past while promoting contemporary use of textiles in art.

TAFA is a new Website

TAFA is fairly new. There are areas of the site that aren’t quite ready yet (like the member blogs). And they’re still working to develop a following. That’s why they are doing their promotion. I’m joining in it because I think it seems like a worth cause that a lot of crochet and creative people will want to pay attention to.

Crocheters on TAFA

Some of the crocheters on the TAFA list are folks I know from other places, like Ravelry or their blogs. Ad esempio, rensfibreart is Renate Kirkpatrick who does terrific freeform crochet work and Maledettamente bene filati sells eco-friendly yarns including recycled silk yarn and banana fiber yarn.

Other Fiber Arts

Crochet isn’t the only fiber art covered by this professional organization. Member businesses also include those interested in applique, Intrecciatura, fiber collage, lavoro a maglia, Macrame, ricamo, infeltrimento, tintura di filato, filatura, cuciture, tessitura, tatting and more.

The Promotion

TAFA is trying to grow their website by offering advertising to one lucky winner. This advertising would be right for you if:

  • You offer something related to fiber arts.
  • You are trying to attract attention from crafty women business owners.
  • You have an over-40 female target market.
  • Your target market is well-educated and well-traveled and you’re looking for a new way to reach them.

And of course entering allows you to support TAFA, an organization that supports the fiber arts as a business.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of joining professional craft organizations?


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

4 Commenti:

  1. Wow! What a great write-up, Kathryn! We are truly grateful for your support, enthusiasm and passing on this campaign of ours. I’ll post a link to your blog on our TAFA hubs. You have so many great resources here that I really hope people come and visit! Molte grazie!

    Rachel Biel
    TAFA Founder

    • @rayela Thanks so much Rachel! I think that what you guys are doing is terrific and I’m really happy to help spread the word. I try hard to help strengthen the crochet niche of the fiber community here through my blog and am really appreciative that you recognized that!

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