Progetto Crochet design: Emilio Pucci

I’m excited about this week’s edition of the Designer Crochet Project because we’re up to Emilio Pucci. Pucci is the designer of the dress that I chose for the cover art for this project (sopra) before I’d learned that this dress, cited numerous times as a crochet fashion item, is actually not crochet at all but is knit. I’m curious to take a closer look and see if there is indeed crochet in this designer’s line and what it looks like. Let’s go

About Fashion Designer Emilio Pucci

My trusty guide, Di Simone Werle 50 Stilisti di moda che si deve sapere Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci, tells me that Emilio Pucci’s designs were first published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1948 and that shortly thereafter he created his own unique style called jet-set chic. At that time he got some attention as an innovative designer who was using nontraditional materials (such as nylon, which was new at the time). Tuttavia, Pucci really came into his own as a designer in the 1960’s with a style that combined close-fitting elegance (think perfectly draped silk jersey dresses) with a keen sense for patterns that earned him the nicknamePrince of Prints”. Pucci released his first couture line in 1962 and designed four collections per year annually after that. Pucci died in 1992 but his great sense of style lives on in the House of Pucci which his daughter took over after his death.

Pucci Crochet

pucci crochet Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

Questo 2012 Resort Collection Pucci Dress è, by all reports, uncinetto. Think that’s right?

pucci crochet swimsuit Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

2011 Pucci Crochet Swimsuit, via Coolspotters

Crochet Inspired by Pucci

crochet barbie 400x604 Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

A boldly colored crochet Barbie dress complemented by a faux Pucci handbag.

Pucci Designs I Wish Were Reinvented in Crochet

It’s tough to turn great prints into great crochet but oh how I wish a smart crochet designer would tackle the task on these Pucci designs:

pucci vintage crochet Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

1960’s Pucci Dress. Via My Fashion Too

1960s designer dress Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

Another 1960’s colorful Pucci dress

pucci vintage swimwear Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

Vintage Pucci Swimsuit. Via Rococo Vintage.

Do any of Pucci’s designs inspire you as a crocheter?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Designer Crochet Project: Emilio Pucci

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