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crochet squares Nearly Blind Woman Sees Her Crochet Go To Good Cause

Terra Taylor is a 39-year-old SAHM who crochets hats for some side income but also donates her crochet to cancer patients. While this is noble, many crocheters wouldn’t find it surprising. A lot of women crochet. A lot of women these days are starting to sell their crochet. And many people donate their crochet to cancer patients and others in need. But what if I told you that this young grandmother of three is nearly blind?

Effettivamente, in all honestly, I no longer find this surprising. I can’t imagine figuring out how to crochet if I couldn’t see but I’ve heard enough stories in the past year to know that it’s actually not so rare. I interviewed one woman for my book on the health benefits of crochet who goes through periodic temporary blindness because of an as-yet-undiagnosed condition and she uses crochet to stay calm and get through those difficult periods. In addition to the stories I’ve personally been told, I’ve researched this topic and reported on stories about the 92-year-old nearly blind crocheter and the blind crocheter who crafts for her siblings.

So no, Taylor’s story doesn’t surprise me anymore but that doesn’t mean that I find it any less inspiring. I think that one of the hallmarks of an amazing person is that they go through something difficult and find a way through it to the other side. They remain optimistic and hopeful and giving and open despite the difficulties that they themselves have been witness to. And Taylor’s story is one of those stories.

The North Island Gazette reports that this woman lost her eye sight in one eye after what they calla freak accident” anni fa. She recently also lost most of the vision in her right eye which turned out to be caused by a disease similar to macular degeneration (the aging eye condition that affects many people much older than her). She has a little bit of vision left but it’s limited and foggy and my guess is that she does most of her crochet by feeling it rather than seeing it. L'articolo non menziona che ha passato a filati spessi e ganci più grandi per ospitare le difficoltà di lavoro a uncinetto senza vista.

Taylor ha cominciato a vendere i suoi cappelli all'uncinetto e altri oggetti uncinetto. A causa di questa, qualcuno le ha chiesto se lei sarebbe disposto a fare un paio di cose e lei poi appreso che sono state fatte le voci per le persone passare attraverso un trattamento chemio. Ha detto che non si sentiva proprio di prendere i soldi per questo e ha deciso che era ora di iniziare a donare tappi chemio. Ha anche detto che lei ha un sacco di filo e mi piacerebbe incoraggiare gli altri a venire e uncinetto per i pazienti chemio con lei. Come generoso!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Nearly Blind Woman Sees Her Crochet Go To Good Cause
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