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Se non hai familiarità con Hooked Insieme si può imparare di più su come funziona qui e vedere l'ultimo aggiornamento sui suoi progressi qui.

Se stai seguendo lungo sulla lista blog, vedrai che ho saltato sopra un paio di. Questo è qualcosa che ho dovuto fare la scorsa settimana pure, sometimes because a blog doesn’t have a blogroll and sometimes because it’s now an out of date blog. I put together the big list of blogs I read about a year ago so some have fallen by the wayside since then. Succede. In addition to the other things I like about Hooked Together, I like that this project helps me keep my blog list updated.

Comunque, now we’re on to CraftyMinx: Tales of a Promiscuous Crafter. I love the cheeky name. I also love the way that this blog’s full design shows off her crafty style from her logo to the icons for connecting on sites like Cinguettio, Facebook and even YouTube. True to her blog name, CraftyMinx uses this blog to show off her love of a diverse range of different crafts as well as sharing general life posts with lots of photos. I’d say she writes about crochet slightly more than knitting but covers both of them along with sewing, ricami e molto altro.

Let’s see what she’s got on her blogroll. It’s divided into two sections: everyday reads and local love (awesome to give some local love!) but I’ll be mingling them together here.

Tier One Blog

She’s not following any already on my list so that means I get to find all new things!

Blog che sono già state agganciate insieme

Questi blog sono sul blogroll ma sono già stati collegati a perché erano sul blogroll in una precedente Hooked posto Together. Fresco.

  • Creature Comforts. Very pretty non-crochet inspiration blog Hooked Together by Nest Estetica. @creaturecomfort
  • The Pioneer Woman. This blogger (self described asI’m a desperate housewife.
    I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman) was also Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest. @thepioneerwoman

New-to-Me Crochet Blog

None this time around that were just crochet. Va bene. Lots of crochet in the multi-craft blogs on this one.

Multicraftual Blog con Crochet Messaggi

  • A Beautiful Mess. Excited to have find this also-multicraftual truly beautiful blog that features some crochet (with an obvious adoration for @twinkiechan) and lots of fashion, style and other goodies. @elsiecake
  • Smile and Wave. Sottotitolato “annata, home decor and big messesthis is an inspiration blog filled with photos. The crochet is mostly vintage finds and giveaway items. @RachelDenbow
  • Deluxe. This is a blog for an OK Indie Craft Bazaar that CraftyMinx is a part of. Looks like fun! @DeluxeOK
  • Early Bird Stitches. Mostly an embroidery blog with pops of crochet and other crafts. This blogger only recently started crocheting so I expect to be seeing more of it on the blog! @ebscrafts
  • Found It Made It. At the beginning of last year this blogger mentioned she doesn’t crochet much anymore so most of the crochet is in the archives but what’s there is lovely. (Per esempio, she wrote about Cristallo Gregory, a crochet artist I’ve profiled here on this blog.) Worth a look. @founditmadeitOK
  • Red Dirt Revival. There’s only a little crochet in this sweet blog about motherhood, vintage stuff and other goodies. @RedDirtRevival
  • Sweetheartville. A self-proclaimedmaker of messescelebrates the women of the past with vintage finds. Crochet makes an appearance now and then.

Non-Crochet Blog

  • Door Sixteen. A book cover designer’s blog about work, house projects and other things. Molto carino. @doorsixteen
  • Thompson Family Life. Another beautiful multi-craft blog with an emphasis on kidscrafts and family life. @ kitschydigitals
  • Bifftastica. Recycling / upcycling crafty blog with a lot of great outfit posts.
  • Fried Okra. Terrific photos of handmade stuff with emphasis on handbag design. @Adrian_Mix
  • Jem Jam. Cucito, quilting, baking and more domestic craft love. @Jem_Jam
  • Jeremy and Kathleen. A freelance creativity, design and life at home blog rich with beautiful photos. @andkathleen


  • Pippin and Pearl. This blog was having server problems the few times I checked in on it. Normally this is where I write aboutout of dateblogs but CraftMinx seems really on top of her blogroll so I’m guessing it was just a quirky computer problem. Since all of the other blogs on the list were worth checking out I’d say this is one worth coming back to for a look. @pippinpearl

Quello che ho trovato? CraftyMinx naturally reads lots of super pretty blogs. Love their aesthetic design. In realtà devo confessare che ho seguito i link Pinterest per quasi tutti questi blogger. icon smile CraftyMinx Gets Hooked Together

pinit fg en rect gray 28 CraftyMinx Gets Hooked Together
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loveing ​​tutti i rotoli del blog!!!! Ho intenzione di alcuni luoghi veramente pulito a causa di esse.. Mi fa vedere come varia siamo tutti, Eppure noi tutti abbiamo una comunanza (Speriamo che abbia un senso)....


Davvero cool pubblicare Grazie per aver con il mio blog roll :) Pippen e Pearl è tornato up, aveva cambiato il link al suo blog principale, quindi ho fissato il link sul mio sito così (grazie per la cattura che!):

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