Uncinetto corredino indossato da 38 Babies Across Six Decades

Nearly sixty years ago a young man paid $20 to purchase a little yellow crochet layette from a co-worker. The baby outfit went to his aunt for her first child. Since then it has been passed down to 37 other babies in the family. The crochet hat, sweater and booties are still in good shape and are ready to be worn by baby #39!

The First Baby

Allen Brokaw was just a teenager when his aunt Colleen got pregnant with her first child. He had a co-worker who was kind of a mother figure to him and he would watch her crochet at work. He decided to purchase a crochet layette from her as a gift for the new baby. He chose yellow because they didn’t know whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl and yellow is the neutral color of choice. The nearly six pound baby was born in February of 1953 and was the first to wear the little yellow crochet outfit.

The Rest of The Family

Aunt Colleen kept the baby layette and used it for her second child. Then her third. Then her fourth. Those four kids were all girls. After that Aunt Colleen had a break in births but the little crochet outfit didn’t rest. It was worn by four more cousins before it came back to Aunt Colleen who used it for her fifth and final child, a boy.

Some Special Memories

The crochet outfit hasn’t been worn by every baby in the family. It may have been misplaced for awhile or someone forgot to pass it on. Tuttavia, it was worn by a majority of the kids in the family. Some of those memories are really special. Ad esempio, it was worn by one young boy in the family who passed away at just about one week old. And it was shared between two girls in the family who were born just five days apart.

Keeping Track of the History

How does the family remember all of the history shared between them through this little crochet suit? In addition to passing the stories on to one another through the generations, they have two methods of keeping track. One family member has taken it upon himself to collect photos of all the babies who have worn the crochet outfit. Plus there is a piece of cardboard that is passed along with the crochet layette where each baby’s name, weight and DOB information is recorded by hand.

So special! Do you have any heirloom crochet pieces in your family?

Fonte: Daily Mail

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  1. oh my that touched my soft placewhat kind of yarn,and how was it stored Really??? Yellows and greens always workThank you K for that story/info…..

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