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I’ve been intently watching all of the news from the various fashion weeks with an eye for crochet. Much of that will appear in my February Celebrity and Designer Crochet Roundup at the end of the month. Tuttavia, I thought I’d bring specific attention to a show-stopping piece from LYN by Jocelyn Picard that reminds me so much of a Yves Saint-Laurent knit dress that I personally can’t stand.

Here’s the LYN item that Picard showed off at the end of Montreal Fashion Week:

crochet picard Crochet on the Runway: Picard Meets YSL

Eva Friede of The Gazette describes the show: “The pieces were haunting sleeping bag coccoons, topped with hoods and snoods.

And here’s YSL the piece it so reminds me of:

knit wedding dress ysl Crochet on the Runway: Picard Meets YSL

My sister and I went to the YSL fashion exhibit when it was here awhile back, so I’ve seen that knit wedding dress in person. It definitely makes an impression. I haven’t forgotten about it. Ma, unlike many of the other stunning clothes YSL had in the exhibit, I was not at all a fan of this one.

Other Picard Crochet Pieces

I will say that I like the modern Picard piece better than the old YSL piece although I don’t like either of them. And I want to point out that I am a general fan of Picard.

I like that he puts men in innovative crochet:

men crochet Crochet on the Runway: Picard Meets YSL

Photo credit: Anouk Lessard

But I also like much of what he’s done for women (worked in collaboration with other designers):

designer crochet picard Crochet on the Runway: Picard Meets YSL

Share your thoughts on these pieces in the comments below!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet on the Runway: Picard Meets YSL

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This begs the question; WHY? and what in the world were they thinking??? looks like a waste of some great Fiber.. I am very liberal and open minded but,PLEASE.... I agree 100% with you..... (goodness gracious)


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