12 in 12 carità all'uncinetto: Piani di febbraio

I’ve launched the 12 in 12 beneficenza Crochet progetto with a commitment to make crochet donations to one charity per month throughout this year. People are welcome to join me for just one month or throughout the year.

My February Group: Compassionate Creations

Compassionate Creations is the name of one chapter (the MA chapter) of Threads of Compassion. This group accepts handmade scarves to begiven to a survivor of sexual violence when they enter the hospital for emergency treatment or at their initial meeting with a counselor at the rape crisis center.This gift provides warmth and care to people at a time when they really need it. Another goal of the project is to provide a tangible way to start opening up the conversation about sexual violence so that people don’t remain shameful and therefore silent.

Why I Chose This Group

I used to intern in the sexual abuse unit of Child Protective Services. I also used to work in a group home where many of the kidslives had been affected by this type of abuse. And as a woman in today’s world I think it’s always an issue that you are aware of. I wanted to do a little bit to help this month.

I chose the MA chapter simply because it’s the Threads of Compassion website I found first. I did try to find a CA chapter because I’m sure there is one but I couldn’t find one through Google so I decided to just go with the MA group. People everywhere can certainly use this help and it seems like a strong group that’s really doing a lot with the donations they receive.

My Plans for the Month

I am going to make one scarf to donate this to organization this month. Scarves have to be at least 5wide by 65″ lunga. I learned last month that it’s not necessary to stretch yourself thin but putting together a huge donation. It’s okay to make a small donation. This organization also accepts wristbands, però, and those seem to especially go to younger folks so I may also make a few of those to send along with the scarf.

Are you donating any crochet items this month? If you blog about it then leave a link to the blog post in the comments below!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 12 in 12 Charity Crochet: February Plans

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