La magia di due tonica F gancio Granny Squares

granny square crochet The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

I have become a little bit obsessed this week with making granny squares using a two-tone design that requires slightly less weaving in of ends than a normal multi-colored granny does.

The Two Tone Granny Square

blue grey granny square The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

Here’s how I’m making them:

  • Hold two strands of yarn together.
  • Using an F crochet hook, ch 4. Dc in the first chain. Continue with the normal granny square process to make the first round using both colors of yarn held together.
  • Drop Color A to the back (no need to cut and finish off). Crochet the next round using Color B.
  • Drop Color B to the back. Crochet the next round using Color A.
  • Pick up both colors and hold the two strands together to crochet the final round.
  • Finish off and weave in ends.

Pros and Cons

I’m loving this design for several reasons:

  • I love the two tone color.
  • I love the unique color and pattern features of how it looks when two yarn strands are worked together.
  • I don’t have to weave in ends from every single round, just the final round.

The main drawback is that you’re carrying over that second color of yarn from one row to the next so it appears as a basically a diagonaldashon one side of the granny square. This is a non-issue if you’re making a one-sided item. Ad esempio, I’m adding some granny squares to the bottom of the dress so I’ll just put this side on the inside and no one will ever know. I actually don’t mind the littledash” me stesso. I could see making a blanket using these squares and just making sure that thedashis in the same corner and pointing the same direction on all of the squares so it just looks intentional. Here’s a photo highlighting this flaw:

granny square flaw The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

The Ones I’ve Made So Far

granny squares The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

I’m using three different colors of yarn for these right now. I’m using two colors in each square, alternating color combinations as well as which of the two colors go in the center. (So I might use black and silver twice but once with black as Color A and once with it as Color B). The black yarn is Red Heart Shimmer. The blue and silver are both Bambù di seta Patons.

two tone granny square The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

A Sneak Peak at the Dress

Come accennato, some of these squares are going to become the bottom edge of a dress that I’ve been working on. I made a sleeveless dress recently using Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Persia and a not-sure-brand-I-had in grey and black. I think the row of grannies at the bottom will add a final pop to the piece. I’ll be revealing the whole dress when it’s actually ready but here’s a sneak peak:

malabrigo sleeveless dress The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

WIP mercoledì

Since it’s Wednesday and this is a WIP I thought I’d add it to the linky over at Tami’s Amis. Click the photo below to see what others are making:

wip crochet The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

What is your favorite thing about granny squares? Your least favorite?




pinit fg en rect gray 28 The Magic of Two Toned F Hook Granny Squares

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