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One of my crochet goals in 2012 is to make more items for charity. I was originally going to try to do this as a 52 Weeks Project but I realized that this would be a little bit overwhelming in terms of making the items, getting them sent off and paying for shipping (on top of all of the year’s other crochet projects) so I’ve decided to do this as a monthly project. Want to join me?

What is 12 in 12?

Come suggerisce il nome, the idea is to make 12 donations to charity in the year 2012. The simplest way to do this is to break it down by month so each month I’ll be making crochet items that will be donated to charity. I want to spread the love and have some variety in my work so each month for me the donation will be going to be going to a different charity.

Mio 12 in ’12 Charities

There are many different types of charities that you can donate to including local as well as nationwide charities. There are charities for troops overseas, chemotherapy patients, newborns, shelter pets and more. For my charity projects, I’ve focused my efforts primarily towards project that helps kids in need in various situations, victims of domestic violence and the homeless.

A Group Effort

I think it’s great to donate handmade items to charity and I know that there are a lot of other people who think so as well. That’s why I’m going to open this up as a group project for anyone who wants to join in this year.

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in donating handmade items to charity on a monthly basis is allowed to link up here. Ideally you’ll be doing at least some crochet donations but knitting, quilting and sewing type donations are fine too. Note that I will be checking the links periodically to make sure there aren’t spammers just trying to get links to their blogs without actually wanting to join the project but as long as you make a good faith effort to donate handmade items to various charities monthly then you’re welcome to join in!

How it works

You can join up by following the instructions below. You will then be committing to two monthly posts and twelve charity donations in 2012. Naturalmente, these aren’t strict rules and nothing will happen to you if you can’t keep up but that’s the goal. Some specifics:

  • The goal is to donate at least one handmade item to a charity of your choosing each month in 2012.
  • You choose your own charities. You can see mine above. You can also check out my list of 25 charities accepting crochet donations or use Lion Brand’s cool charity finder to figure out who you want to donate to. Any donations you want to make are fine. This is your project!
  • We will be doing blog posts to keep each other motivated on the second and last Sundays of each month. The second Sunday is a mid-month update just saying what the goal is for that month, telling a little bit about your charity, saying what you want to make, ecc. I find that it helps to do this because a whole month can easily go by without thinking about the project and this keeps you on task. The last Sunday of the month is where you show off what you’ve made and are sending off that month.

How to Join 12 in 12

Do you want to challenge yourself to do more charity crochet in 2012? Or do you already do a lot of charity crochet and want to spread the word? Here’s how to join this project:

  • Write a post about 12 in ’12 linking back to this post so people know what it’s all about and can also choose to join in.
  • Post it on your own blog.
  • Come back to this post and add the URL link to that post below.
  • Spread the word so others know about this!
  • Come back on the 2nd and last Sundays of the month to link up your latest project updates.
Nota: The second Sunday of January is coming up quickly. Don’t feel pressured to say too much in that first post. You might want to share what you’re 12 in ’12 goals are or what your first project idea is. Something simple is always fine. We’ll have our first project shares on January 29, 2012 with a linky here on this blog.

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  2. My kind of projectgreat idea, Kathryn!

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  4. Ok, I’m officially in I just finished writing about it on my site. Thanks for starting this. I’m looking forward to seeing how others contribute.

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  9. I have the 1st “Blog” posted and will be posting pictures later this week :)

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