Pozzo, I recently made my fresh to do list for continuing on with Year of Projects. Tuttavia, I haven’t made any new progress on that list. And that’s because before I do, I really need to get organized. In addition to inventorying all of my yarn for my participation in Superare il Stash, Ho anche bisogno di organizzare diversi mucchi di pasticcio di uncinetto che sembrano avere accumulato in casa mia:

If you didn’t know me better and you just walked into my house right now you might think that I belong on Hoarders.


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  1. mastropietro Risposta

    Ah! …. Glad to see I am not the only person who seems to be building themselves out of any available space :)

    • That’s what I want to go on my gravestone when they find me months from now buried underneath it! :-p

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