Agognare: House of Holland collant

These tights by Casa di Holland are not actually crocheted but they are designed to look similar to the great granny square crochet fashions that the designer sent down the runway earlier this year. I wear tights pretty much every day so I think I might want to get a pair! Essi sono venduti da Peek Brooklyn.


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

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  1. I’d get them but they are markedone size”, e “one sizedoesn’t always fit me. They don’t have a chart to show the many sizes thatone sizeshould fit. ๐Ÿ™

    • Cristina Casciano-King

      Hi from PeekBrooklyn! The size fit Height 5’0 to 5’10 Weight 97-174lbs ad Hips up to 48

      Spero che questo aiuta, didn’t realize I didn’t include it on the website, will ad it now ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Shopping and thanks for the LINK ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Calophi … I didn’t notice that. One size is a strange thing. In a related issue, I was looking at a vintage crochet pattern for a skirt that was written for a single size and it said it was fora person of ordinary size” – whatever that is! It looks like PeekBrooklyn dropped by here with the specific size info in the comments, perรฒ, which I thought was sweet!

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  3. Even if it SAYS one size, it doesn’t work for people that are at one extreme or the other. Dimensione 4-10 socks are never big enough for my size 10 piedi. OSFA tights that are also for people 5 feet tall will NOT fit me at 5′ 9″ with my 34inseam. Been there, done that. Ahimรจ. They look cool, but I know the fit will not work

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