Crochet Etsy: Hooded Cowl

di Kathryn su Novembre 18, 2011 · 2 Commenti

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Oggi crochet from Etsy pick is a hooded cowl by BessetteArt. I really love hooded cowls and think that this one is shaped and styled in a lovely way.

crochet cowl1 500x504 Etsy Crochet: Hooded Cowl


pinit fg en rect gray 28 Etsy Crochet: Hooded Cowl

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Have you found out what pattern she is using? I cant figure out how she makes it

CrochetBlogger moderatore

@CassandraMcFall No, not sure on the pattern she uses. You can contact her via Etsy and see if that is information she's willing to share or not. Otherwise a search of "hooded cowl" in the Ravelry pattern database does turn up a ton of great pattern options including: (per la vendita)

e (modello crochet libero)

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