Crochet design: Alexander McQueen

This week kicks off the first week in my 50-week exploration of crochet in fashion through Il progetto del Designer Crochet. First I’ll tell you a little bit about this week’s designer, which is Alexander McQueen. Then I’ll share some crochet that they created. And finally I’ll share some of their non-crochet designs that I think are so inspiring that they should be re-worked and re-fashioned in crochet. Let’s start

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen

I don’t know all of the designers that are on the list for this project but McQueen is definitely one that I know. I think he was an amazing and inspiring fashion designer who didn’t just make great inspired clothing but also put on runway shows that were more like live theater than catwalk performances. I would have loved the opportunity to attend one of his runway shows in person. Purtroppo, that opportunity is no longer available to any of us since McQueen passed away in early 2010, a premature end to the work of a great designer.

I think one of the saddest things I’ve seen in recent months is the Masters of Style video about Alexander McQueen (which I watched on Hulu). It shows his great fashion work with an interview that took place shortly before his death when he was really on an upward climb in the fashion world. He makes some sad statements about being lonely and unsatisfied with himself that offer some foreshadowing into his young demise.

But during the time that McQueen was active in his work, he really pushed the edges of fashion. He was an avante-garde designer from a working class London background who launched his own label in 1992 at the age of twenty three. He worked as a designer at house of Givenchy and as creative director for Gucci while still producing his own cutting edge designs that gained him attention as a bit of a rebel or bad boy in fashion.

Alexander McQueen Crochet

It’s hard to see the detail here but that’s crochet lace over a silk bodice.

On the runway

This is one of several crochet pieces in MCQ by McQueen

This knitwear could easily be crochet!

2007 Crochet Handbag

Outstanding McQueen Pieces

I would love it if a savvy crochet designer took inspiration from these McQueen pieces and re-worked them in newly inspired crochet:

It would take some great talent and some cool novelty yarn to rework this in crochet but wouldn’t it be amazing?!

I would love to see a crochet designer who can use the colors of the rainbow in such an edgy and fashionable way!

I adore the peacock inspiration here and totally think it’s something that could be re-imagined in crochet.

Are you an Alexander McQueen fan? What do you think of his crochet pieces?

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