Crochet on the Street, un progetto Undici Handmade Ganci

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crochet5 500x246 Crochet on the Street, an Eleven Handmade Crochets Project

Undici Handmade ha lanciato un nuovo progetto chiamato crochet Crochet sulla strada che penso sia una bella idea. Il suo obiettivo principale è quello di mostrare come le persone nella sua regione d'origine della Lettonia indossano crochet in giro. Tuttavia, she welcomes others to join her in sharing their crochet on the street finds using a Twitter hashtag to organize the finds.

Who is Eleven Handmade Crochets?

You have seen me mention Eleven Handmade a few times on this blog, both in my weeklyLink crochet amoreposts and in my daily Etsy features. That’s because I really love the detailed cool wearable crochet items that she creates. Da “lei”, I mean Linda. She’s a Latvian crochet designer who is trying to show that crochet is not just crafty but also fashionable and I think she definitely succeeds!

More about Crochet on the Street

Linda mentioned recently on her bilingual blog that she is starting a new project called Crochet on the Street. Her main goal is to start capturing photos of people who are wearing crochet in Latvia to show how crafty and stylish this sometimes overlooked community is. I think that’s terrific. Each of us has our own niche of crochet that we can really help share with the world if we’re true to ourselves and I think this project represents Linda’s great niche.

How to Participate

Linda has encouraged others to share the crochet they spot on the street by posting with the Twitter hashtag #crochetonthestreet. Così, if you are out and about and notice someone wearing a great crochet item then stop them and ask if you can take a photo to share via Twitter. I don’t often spot crochet in the wild but this encourages me to start paying closer attention to see if I can get some shots to share.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet on the Street, an Eleven Handmade Crochets Project
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