90-Ex fabbrica anni operaio uncinetti

(The photo is just a random motif of mine)

If you read the news-y posts on this blog di uncinetto regularly then you know that I have a minor obsession with stories about old people who are still crocheting. Penso che sia perché è così comune e ancora la storia di tutti è così unica e mi fa sempre sorridere. Così, Sì, Ho un'altra di queste storie per voi. It’s about Mary Pratz who just celebrated her 90th birthday according to The Times Leader out of Pennsylvania.

The first thing that caught my attention in the article was the statement that Mary worked for many years in the factories in the area. Whenever I read things like this in the news, I always wish that I could ask questions! I want to know what type of factory she worked in. Factory work seems so masculine (as a stereotype) and crochet seems so feminine (as a stereotype) and yet they have similarities, Credo, in that you are working with your hands and doing repetitive work and producing something.

The other thing that caught my attention in the article is that this ninety year old woman, come molti altri, does most of her crochet for people other than herself. She has crocheted hats, scarves and lapghans for newborns, school kids in need and elderly people in nursing homes. She also gives her crochet as gifts, including to such random people as the nurses that she sees when she goes to visit her own doctor. Come dolce!

Who is the oldest person you know that is still crocheting?

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  1. I work in a manufacturing plant, and there has always been a much higher ratio of women to men! It always makes me happy when I see a senior crocheting or knitting, as it makes me think of how these people most likely had to do needle work of some kind to care for their families. Makes me smile that I have the luxury to do it how and when I please:)

    • @ClaireInteresting to know that there’s more women in the factories then men. I wonder why that is? And love your point that it’s so great that we can now do needlework simply for pleasure!

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