Crochet Art is on Last Space Shuttle!

di Kathryn su Luglio 15, 2011 · 5 Commenti

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Moon 3 Crochet Art is on Last Space Shuttle!

Surely you have heard by now that the final U.S. space shuttle mission, Atlantis, has launched. But did you hear the news that there’s crochet artwork aboard that shuttle?! (Reuters)

Last fall NASA co-sponsored a contest with Etsy wherein crafters could create their version of the surface of the moon. The winner was Rachel Hobson. She created a 4x 6piece that combines embroidery with crochet. The piece was photographed to make it as light as possible and the resulting photo was placed on the shuttle and launched into space!

My hope with this small piece of artwork is that I can help inspire people to get back in touch with that thing that sparked them as a child, whether it was space or dance or whatever,” Hobson wrote in her entry statement.

Crochet isn’t the only craft that Hobson enjoys. You can learn lots more about her crafting because she’s an author over at Craftzine.

This is just awesome.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Art is on Last Space Shuttle!

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