HIV sopravvissuti al genocidio ruandese Empowered by Crochet

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artisans04 HIV+ Rwandan Genocide Survivors Empowered by Crochet

Sada, a crochet artisan with Same Sky


I am always amazed at the way that crochet helps people’s lives in so many different ways. At a simple level it provides the average crafter with a stress-relieving creative diversion. And then there are ways that it seriously improves people lives, such as through the Same Sky jewelry project which helps provide a living to HIV+ survivors of the 1994 genocidio in Ruanda.

Same Sky is a fair trade company that is designed to empower Rwandan women by providing them with the tools that they need to live self-sustaining lives through gaining a marketable skill and consistent employment. They do this by teaching the women to crochet and make bracelets, which are then sold and the net proceeds of those sales go directly back into the company to provide more Rwandan women with the same opportunity.

Same Sky was founded in 2008. Si lavora specificamente per assistere HIV donne e le donne con AIDS che erano sopravvissuti del genocidio. Queste donne sono stati esposti a AIDS come un effetto diretto delle violenze sessuali hanno sperimentato durante il periodo del genocidio. Durante questo periodo hanno anche perso i loro mariti e di altri parenti maschi, lasciandoli cadere nella povertà una volta che il genocidio era finita. Same Sky si propone di invertire questa situazione, dando alle donne la loro dignità e la loro autostima attraverso l'imprenditorialità basata crochet-.

Same Sky is just one program like that in which gancio plays a role in improving entire societies through entrepreneurial opportunities. Another example that I looked at previously on this blog was Studio Scala, which helps out impoverished women in Brazil. Do you know of any other crochet-based fair trade programs such as these?

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