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Kindergarteners in cold climates need to wear warm mittens to school or their little hands will turn into popsicles. Purtroppo, five-year-olds aren’t exactly skilled at remembering to bring their mittens, keep them where they can find them and make sure they dry out after recess so that they can be used again at lunchtime. One woman realized that this was a problem and took it upon herself to crochet mittens for a school’s kindergarten classes so that there would always be warm hands at the school where she volunteers.

Dorothy McKnight of The Daily Press reports that a Michigan woman namedGrammaJune Anderson helped bring a mitten-making project to life at the school where she serves as afoster grandma”. She put out a call for help and two other women stepped up to the plate. Together they crocheted (and knitted) sixty pairs of mittens. The mittens were divided into groups of twenty and disbursed among the school’s three kindergarten classes.

The mittens are placed in boxes in each classroom. Kids who don’t have mittens can freely use the ones that are in the boxes. Kids who have mittens that are too wet to wear can also use the mittens from these boxes. The project also created some hand-crafted hats for children who not only don’t have mittens but also don’t have warm headwear during the winter months.

Why did these women do it? Gramma Anderson says that she wanted to do the project because it’s her mission to spend her time helping children. She’s been a classroom foster grandma for nearly a decade and believes that if everyone in the world gave one hour per week to a child then the world would be a better place. One of the volunteers who helped crochet the mittens said similarly that she finds it really gratifying to use her love of crafting to help children in need.

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