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Variegated Blues Wool Crochet Blanket

par Kathryn sur Août 25, 2014 · 1 comment

dans My crochet work

I pretty much always have a large crochet granny square blanket on my hooks lately. The one I worked on most recently was one that I really enjoyed because I decided to use a bunch of yarn favorites that I’d been saving for quite some time.

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My Crochet Granny Square Shrug

par Kathryn sur Août 8, 2014 · 1 comment

dans My crochet work

I made something else with the same yarna granny square shaped crochet shruglet for myself.

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Granny Squares Crochet Book Review

par Kathryn sur Juin 26, 2014 · 0 Commentaires

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Today I want to share another crochet book with you: Susan Pinner’s Granny Squares: 20 Crochet Projects With a Vintage Vibe. About Granny Squares Susan Pinner has put together a great collection of ideas for putting a spin on the classic granny square and using that updated motif idea to make a set of terrific […]

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Post image for 10 Bold Examples of Crochet Blocks and Squares

Today let’s look at ten items from my favorite board: Crochet Blocks and Squares. I love curating examples of this niche of crochet and seeing them laid out side by side!

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Video: Granny Square in Action

par Kathryn sur Juin 16, 2013 · 0 Commentaires

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Post image for Video: Granny Square in Action

For some reason I’m just kind of enchanted by this short motion picture of making a granny square.

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Post image for 20 Things You Can Do with a Granny Square

Even if a granny square is the only thing that you can crochet there are tons of things that you can do with that one item.

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Post image for It Looks Like a Granny Square … But It’s Not. The Granny Square Print But Not Crocheted.

This is the quintessential crochet image that everyone knows as crochet so when people are looking to recreate thecrochet stylewithout actually crocheting it’s this print that comes to mind.

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