Easter Crochet: Peeps!

by Kathryn on April 3, 2014 · 2 comments

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Every year for Easter my dad sends me a package with Peeps in it. It’s been a long time since I liked Peeps (although I confess to a Cadbury Creme Egg addiction) and my dad knows that but the tradition continues and I’m always happy to get those Peeps.

This week I saw a post about peeps with knit sweaters:

knit peeps Easter Crochet: Peeps!

And it made me start wondering about what kind of Peeps-related crochet might be out there. So I did a search online and here’s what I found.

Peep Crochet Pillows

peep crochet pillows Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Peeps-inspired crochet pillow pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli in Crochet Today April/May ’14 Issue

Stuffed Crochet Peeps

amigurumi peeps Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Gladys and the Peeps crochet pattern for sale on Ravelry from Heidi Yates

classic marshmallow crochet peep Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Classic Peeps free crochet pattern from Schmutzerella

peeps crochet pattern Easter Crochet: Peeps!

And another classic Peeps crochet pattern free over on Craftster

crochet peeps bunnies 600x400 Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Peeps Bunnies, crochet pattern free on Ravelry, from Angie Cruise

Peeps1 medium2 600x365 Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Doni Speigle also offers a free Ravelry crochet pattern for Peeps Bunnies

crochet bunny peeps Easter Crochet: Peeps!

And these completed crochet bunny Peeps are sold on Etsy

Crochet Peeps Wearables

peeps crochet mittens Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Peeps-inspired crochet mittens pattern by Monica Rodriguez Fuertes in Crochet Today March/April ’13 Issue

crochet peeps scarf Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Peeps bunnies crochet scarf pattern, free Ravelry download from CopperScaleDragon

crochet peeps Easter Crochet: Peeps!

These crochet peeps could be used as appliques on almost anything, pattern for sale from Alicia Kachmar. They could also be pins or magnets and she gives instructions for a stuffed version as well.

And More

crochet peeps garland Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Crochet bunny Peeps garland free pattern

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Easter Crochet: Peeps!

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